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Professional Licensing for Security Guards

Whatever the occasion, safety is a big factor to consider when it comes to planning and events. When it comes to protection, there are many preventative steps people take to protect themselves and others, such as hiring a professional security officer. If you have ever thought about becoming a professional security officer, it can be a great career option. However, becoming a security professional involves certain trainings, certifications, and licenses. Read on to learn more about a special kind of license called a “G” license and security G license cost.

The G License

Some security guards are armed and others are not. If you become a security officer and are hired as an armed officer, then there are extra precautions put in place to ensure that you go through the proper training. This is all to ensure your own safety and the safety of those around you. In the state of Florida, according to Florida Chapter 493, if you become an armed security guard you also have to obtain what is called a “G” License. This license is assigned after the successful completion of a firearms training course.

Cost Factors for G License Training Courses

When it comes to taking a required course in order to complete your certification, receive your G License, and be able to work as an armed security officer in Florida, you should sign up for a class and accommodate accordingly for course payments. Most courses range from around $150 to $200. Depending on certain requirements that you may meet, you might be able to receive some kind of discount on the course fee for the G License training. It is usually a good idea to learn more about your options in your local area and compare Security G License costs. In addition, you can learn more about instructors and past people who have taken the course.

Class Structure

Depending on where you choose to take your course, you might have different course structures for the certification class to receive your G License. For example, some facilities stretch the course over a few weeks. Other facilities might choose to have a shorter timeline for classes (such as 3 days) but have longer hours each day. Whatever the course length you choose, you should make sure that the course offers a strong blend of in classroom hours as well as hands on practice.

What You Can Do with a G License

Armed security officers can provide service for a wide variety of events and projects. For example, if you’re living in the Miami area, Fast Guard Service LLC is a great local company. You can work at several types of events including large public festivals, special events, VIP events, and patrol security services. Fast Guard Service LLC is well known for being the primary security personal company serving the Miami Dolphins. Many of their guards can work under immediate dispatch as well. As a security officer, you might even work in the world of private investigation. Contact Fast Guard for your next security guard job in Miami.