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It’s the holiday season once again and you know what that means; fun, festive celebrations with friends and family. 

New Years is a joyous time for celebrating the closing of one year and welcoming the new one. Whether you are headed to Times Square for the ball drop or just celebrating at your local neighborhood bar with friends, security for New Years is on the rise. 

Why the Need for Increased New Years Security? 

Many New Years celebrations draw in large crowds. Large gatherings of people present the opportunity for chaos that needs to be controlled properly with trained security guards. 

New Years is known as a time for celebration. Many celebrations involve the consumption or alcohol and other substances to enhance the party atmosphere. While celebrating is welcomed and encouraged, it only takes one rowdy partyer to ruin the fun for everyone. 

Professional security guards are trained in crowd control and maintenance, ensuring that a rowdy or out of control guest can be promptly and swiftly removed from the situation before the situation escalates. 

Not only do you need to worry about over served guests when it comes to security, today we need to worry about the threat of terrorist attacks. Therefore, a bouncer or a doorman, muscle to handle rowdy guests, doesn’t cut it anymore, and more people and companies contact professional security companies for their event security. 

Terrorists typically choose large crowds to carry out their attack. They blend in and can execute a large scale attack at venues where thousands are gathered. 

New Years celebrations present the opportunity for many large gatherings and with that, the increased risk of an attack. 

While no one wants to think about the threat of a terror attack when they are out celebrating the New Year, the reality is that we all need to be prepared for the unimaginable. 

Event hosts need to pre-plan the security detail meticulously to ensure that every angle is covered. Hiring highly skilled and trained event security guards who are equipped to handle all types of security issues is the best way to carry out an effective security plan. 

Having eyes and ears all around the New Year celebration will help to discourage terrorists from plotting an attack. Additionally, if a terrorist does begin to execute an attack, the trained security will be able to respond quickly and effectively to minimize the danger. 

What Type of Events Require Security?

Any event in which there is a crowd should be secured by professional security guards. While it may seem obvious that the large New Year’s celebrations, like the one in Times Square, be secured, it is also important that smaller ones are secured as well. 

If your local community is hosting a New Years celebration, the planning committee is likely hiring outside security guards for the evening to make sure that the event goes smoothly. Local bars are also ramping up their security by hiring a few extra bouncers who are ready to step into action at the first sign of trouble. 

As security for New Years is on the rise, we can all feel a little safer when we go out to celebrate knowing that additional security measures have been put into place to keep us safe.