What do Virginia Tech, Columbine, Sandy Hook and too many other schools all have in common? They are all schools or areas with schools that have been plagued by a growing rash of school violence, one that endangers the lives of innocent students. Forget the idea of mass violence, a reality with so many school shootings today, but simply look at the fact that sports events, concerts and other school gatherings can be inherently dangerous on their own.

Take a look at the Texas Aggie Bonfire incident in 1999 that killed twelve people. Large events can be dangerous. For this reason, and for the simple fact that we live in a much crueler world today than we used to, event security should be on site at and school event, concert, sports event or gathering. It is simply one gathering we cannot take for granted. When it comes to the youth of the nation, hiring skilled armed security is a step that simply must be taken.

Cutting corners on college and school security in modern times is negligence, and if something goes wrong, which the above examples show can easily happen, it is a mistake that one cannot go back and fix. Once the damage is done you cannot undo it. Fast Guard Service provides armed security specialists in and around Miami and Florida. Fast Guard Service maintains a skilled, experienced staff of capable armed security and event security guards. Their training never ends as tactics never end adapting. Fast Guard Service specializes in college events, college sporting events, school events and concerts.

When hundreds or even thousands of college or teen-aged students gather to relax and let it all hand out, things can get rowdy fast. Armed security at these events protect innocent students from dangers inside the student body and out, maintaining peace and safety so that students and kids can enjoy themselves and have a good time. Students should be able to blow off some steam during a long grueling school year, they just have to be protected, safe and secure when they do.

Take the upcoming event the FIU Music Festival being held at FIU (Florida International University) . Thousands of happy, energetic FIU students will flock to see various local artists sing and perform and re-mix, partying and enjoying a well-deserved night out. But can you see how dangerous that can be. All those kids gathered, letting off steam? All those people gathered together in one place on a big campus? That is why excellent armed security is so important at school gatherings and events. Discover how Fast Guard Service can protect your event, trade show, or concert. Call us for all your private security needs.

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