So you want to move to Miami, but you don’t know where to set up shop? We’re here to help! Sometimes Miami gets a bad rep for crime-ridden streets and unsafe towns. And it isn’t just Miami that takes the fall- it’s all of Dade County. Don’t listen to everything you hear! Let us tell you about the beauty and safety the city has to offer. Despite shows like Miami Vice and Dexter taking the stage for dark days in this sunny paradise, there are many beautiful and perfectly safe towns to reside in and around Miami.

Today we want to walk you through the safest towns to live in Florida. Especially, in Dade County. Follow along!

If you’re a foodie, you’re practically required to live here. Home to Schnebly Redland’s Winery & Brewery and Knaus Berry Farm, this spot is couple and family friendly. Did we mention the Florida Keys are just a day trip away? Life hack? Yep!

Miami Beach
Miami Beach is not only a beautiful place to live, but it is incredibly safe to live! New buildings mean more security and the influx of people keeps streets safe.

Coral Gables
If you want to live in a book setting, live in Coral Gables. Homes don the charm of their Mediterranean revival builds and the yards roll on for acres, carrying your imagination all the way with them. Grass is cut and life is lush.

Key Biscayne
People of the Key have found the key to life. Island life lends itself well to wealth and the affluence of the neighborhoods all but guarantees it to be one of if not the safest town in Miami-Dade.

Cutler Bay
If you’re ready for residential life, Culter Bay makes an excellent and affordable option.

North Miami
If you’ve got to be in Miami, it doesn’t get prettier than North Miami. Oleta River State Park invites you to let go of your daily stresses and its Museum of Contemporary Art will challenge even the greatest artists to take second looks and find new observations in life.

If you’re looking for more insight and background on the safest towns in Miami, consider getting in touch with Fast Guard Services. Although we specialize in security, we enjoy keeping you safe before you find the need for the additional help.

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