Fast Guard

Wedding security, especially for those with a high number of guests or with VIPs present, can be a wise move. Such a day should be filled with joy and, as with any event where multiple people gather, knowing that a professional security team is in attendance can bring great peace of mind to all involved. The following are just some of the reasons why many people now consider the services of an event security service provider to be an essential element of their big day.
  • Venue safety: From the ceremony location to that of the reception, a professional security team will arrive well in advance to ensure the area is clear and no unwanted “guests” are in attendance. They will also ensure that only those invited are allowed access to the venue.
  • Crowd direction: This includes helping guide people to where they need to be, such as a sit-down meal, dance floor, the bathrooms, car parking, their accommodation at the end of the day, and more.
  • Crowd control: Weddings have a habit of getting out of control. This occurs due to many reasons, including intoxication or relatives with ongoing feuds being in close vicinity of each other. A security team can ensure that such incidents don’t escalate, or, in the unfortunate event that they do, deal with them quickly and efficiently so they don’t spoil everyone else’s enjoyment of the day.
  • Security of personal belongings: A wedding is a location where people tend to leave objects of value unattended. These include purses, wallets, jackets, etc. Knowing security guards are patrolling helps to keep such items safe while guest are enjoying themselves.
  • Dealing with emergencies: Should an emergency arise a security team can act accordingly. This could involve dealing with illness or injury and calling 911, carrying out first aid, or even CPR should such an unlikely scenario occur.
  • Securing wedding gifts: High-value items are often given to the happy couple and security guards can keep them safe whilst you enjoy yourselves.
  • Assist with end of event duties: Weddings make for a long day and it provides peace of mind to know that security is there to help with aspects such as shepherding guests safely to their accommodation or transport. They can even assist with returning lost property to its owners and any other “end-of-night” issues that might arise.
Effective safeguards at a wedding venue require a professional and discreet security company to naturally blend in with the day, yet provide the visible assistance and protection to ensure you, your guests, and all valuables are looked after. Fast Guard Service is a leading global provider of all event security, and provide a wedding-specific service for venues small and large. More and more people are taking advantage of wedding security to complement their special day. While celebrity nuptials are the obvious scenario where you might see such security in action, it’s now becoming far more common for all safety-conscious couples to ensure that their day runs to perfection, leaving them and their guests with the desired memories that will last a lifetime.