Security is not reserved for large corporations or the political heads of states. Coordinated efforts from guards and surveillance equipment can be found in residential buildings and communities. Residential security (be it for a hotel, apartment or condominium complex, or private residence) companies, like Fast Guard Services, are tasked with protection of the residents within. Buildings, individuals and/or families looking for an added level of security that alarm systems alone cannot provide are reaching out to professional security companies.


One sector of the clientele for security companies is comprised of residential property owners. Large, often high value, residential building complexes are vulnerable to a multitude of threats from home invasion/burglary to worse for high-end luxury residents. A property owner often outsources the security for a specific building, comprised of entry and exit security, threat assessment of residents, 24/7 on-call emergency staff, etc. Companies provide the building with either armed or unarmed uniformed security officers to protect and bring peace of mind to not only the owner but also the residents.


On a smaller scale, residential security can be tailored for individuals or families for their home. The higher end side of private residential security, for estates and/or large compounds, can be comprised of security posts, gates, surveillance equipment, on-call guards, etc. High risk individuals, who are deemed to vulnerable to threats, find peace-of-mind in knowing highly trained, professional security guards are always looking out for them and their family. A more common form of residential security is a neighborhood/community that is under the protection and surveillance from a security company. Florida, in specific, is home to numerous communities made up of homes, condominiums, villas, etc. and security is a top priority. Providing individuals, families, neighbors and guests with a safe and quiet place to live is not only for safety purposes but also a strong selling point for the owners.


There are different facets of residential security, from private compounds to doormen at high-rises, but one thing that is constant amongst them is the peace of mind provided. Individuals, families, residents and companies pay for protection and peace of mind in this dangerous world. Preventative measures are taken because far too often does residential security reach necessary levels only due to a reaction to previous incidents. Hiring professional guards, trained and certified in threat vulnerability assessment and emergency situations, is a clear choice for anyone seeking top-notch protection that is worth every penny.


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