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The level of security risk for marijuana dispensaries has grown exponentially in recent years. In Colorado, for example, statistics show that dispensaries are being robbed at an alarming 16.8% per year. If you were to look at other states that have similar laws you can expect to see similar levels of threat to a dispensary business

In some states, for example in Arizona, you have the added risk of Mexican drug cartels. They have shown a willingness to cross the border to carry out some very violent crimes. Additionally, they see the dispensaries as direct competitors. Often they have been witnessed or sometimes even arrested for transporting marijuana over the border. They have their own security too, armed with automatic weapons.

According to the figures as a dispensary owner, you owe it to you employees and your business to use security. Now the question is more targeted to the kind of security you look to secure your business with.

In states such as Arizona, it’s mandated that you have security. However, some short-sighted business owners might be looking to save money. It’s not uncommon to see 21-year-old security guards with absolutely no experience other than the compulsory 8 or 16-hour training which most states require for certification. Unfortunately, were something to happen and your dispensary was robbed the chances of your security guard being able to offer any protection is extremely low, the chances are they are more likely to put your employees and possibly members of the public at more risk.

A much better route would be to employ security professionals with previous law enforcement or military backgrounds. This is essential because both groups of people have received ongoing and detailed training on threat assessment. In most cases, it would have been assessing terror threats but it’s a skill that’s directly transferable into the security of a dispensary. Most importantly, they will have developed the skill of staying calm in stressful situations.

Security is not just a security guard. Employees need to be monitored just as vigilantly as outside threats. Just the nature of the business means there is a possibility your employees are approached by friends or family. Sometimes, unfortunately, cartel members. Additionally, your employee’s circumstance might change which is something you need to be aware of.

Having the right security includes monitoring employees. Their behavior and any changes in it. Their credit or spending habits. The kind of money involved with this type of business makes it a particular threat to these kinds of issues.

Finally, you have to bear in mind that in most situations, the local Police is unlikely to directly impact any robbery that occurs. The average Police response is 9 minutes and any professional robbery will last on average 3 minutes. That’s nothing negative against law enforcement it’s just a realization that you cannot expect the Police to protect your business or employees.

Having marijuana dispensary security is absolutely vital for marijuana dispensaries and smoke shops, and not just any security, you need a professional service that has the skills and experience to protect your business to the extent it deserves. Fast Guard Service specializes in security for smoke shop hialeah and nationwide.


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