We live in more dangerous times than in any time throughout the history of society. From overpopulation to crime to terrorists to simple negligence, there are far too many causes of problems with far too little law enforcement or emergency response officials to prevent and contain them. For these reasons, private security jobs are set to increase in the coming years, and they are becoming highly coveted jobs at that.

Private security gigs are not glamorous but they are far from boring, they pay very well (with a good firm) and there are too many openings with too few qualified candidates for the positions. The fact is, there is a large shortage of quality private security guards, and plenty of jobs available. Private security guards must be trained and licensed, and armed security guards require excellent training, testing and licensing. A good security training program, gun and safety training program and state approved testing are often required. Once these requirements are met, however, plenty of interesting private security guard positions in a number of unique security fields which are available, such as:

  • VIP Security: Guarding VIP’s is not easy, and while it is often a high profile job, you must learn to make your presence known while staying in the background and out of the way.
  • Private Security: People have homes, small businesses, and other private interests that need regular security or sporadic security. Many people hire good private security firms to staff these needs.
  • Retail Loss Control: Retail stores can be driven out of business by shoplifters and inside theft, as well as negligence. Many retail chains and independent stores hire private security firms to help investigate and control retail loss prevention, and even to train their own staff how to identify and eliminate retail loss.
  • Construction Site Security: Construction sites are often left filled with unguarded equipment, tools and materials that can be worth millions, not to mention progress on a contracted site that can quickly be destroyed. Private security guards can help eliminate vandalism, theft and other problems.
  • Apartment or Condo Security: These are large complexes with many people living in them and coming and going. There is a constant need for security and surveillance, especially in off hours when people are away or asleep.
  • Special Event Security: Special events can cover everything from concerts to parades, from political rallies to movie premiers and book signings. Wherever there are special events there are people gathered, and where people gather so do risks.
  • Night Club Security: Many people getting together in clubs filled with alcohol, sometimes exotic dancers, and often DJ’s and bands, what could go wrong there? Private security is often used to protect busy nightclubs.
  • Fire Watch Security: This is a specialized type of security that is used to help prevent, identify and address fire hazards. These guards perform fire patrols, safety checks and maintain accurate fire logs.

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