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Private security companies provide a range of services that goes far beyond that of simply providing a visible security presence. When it comes to the protection of a business, the best private companies partner with the organization to determine their particular needs. By carrying out detailed and relevant risk assessments they create a bespoke solution to guard against criminal activity, ensuring the highest levels of safety for all property, personnel, clients, and visitors. 

The following looks at the different facets offered by such companies, and the benefits they bring to a business that hires them.  

  • Deter and Prevent Crime
  • Workplace Safety
  • Advantages of Hiring a Private Security Company

Deter and Prevent Crime 

Criminal activity against business premises is a very real threat. The role of private security companies is not only to react should an incident occur, but to dramatically reduce the chances of incidents happening in the first place.

On-site private security guards provide a very real deterrent and are also able to provide an immediate response to a situation. However, the protection of a business property goes way beyond that of the obviously visible. Private security services work with their client to determine all avenues of risk. Only by doing this can the right options be calculated to provide the robust security approach every business needs.

The best private security companies utilize a wide range of services to accomplish this. Examples include: 


  • Private security guards
  • Access control and solutions
  • Mobile patrols
  • CCTV and site surveillance
  • Monitoring and alarm verification

Workplace Safety

Employees, customers, and visitors to any business premises all benefit from the presence of private security guards. Depending on the location, industry, and level of threat, these guards could be unarmed or armed. This visible aspect, combined with that of CCTV and commercial monitoring, provides peace of mind to those on the premises that their safety is high on the agenda of business priorities. 

For employees who work unsocial hours, perhaps walking through a company car lot during the hours of darkness, the knowledge that private security guards are on hand is reassuring.  

Other workplace benefits include the ability of security guards to immediately respond to any situation, such as employee exit scenarios, altercations, unauthorized entry. They’re also able to monitor any suspicious activity and provide an instant and appropriate response.

Advantages of Hiring a Private Security Company

Private security companies are the vital link between civilian life and law enforcement agencies. Utilizing their services within a business environment brings multiple benefits.

  • The business has a dynamic security solution at hand, comprising a wide range of options. This can range from a single service to a complete site analysis and bespoke security strategy.
  • The service provider is responsible for ensuring qualified, experienced guards and services.
  •  A robust deterrent and immediate on-site response should an incident occur.
  • Peace of mind for employees and visitors.
  • Reduced insurance premiums.
  • Security guards can act as ambassadors for the company.
  • The option of private armed security if necessary.
  • Ongoing risk analysis as a company expands or if the business moves premises.

Fast Guard Service provides bespoke security solutions 

The benefits of hiring a private security company to safeguard a business can’t be overstated. Small and large companies are magnets for criminal activity, from acts of vandalism through to targeted appropriation of valuable assets or sensitive information. In a world where the global threat of terrorism is a risk to all, private security companies provide a vital security service within the commercial sector. 

Fast Guard Service is an industry-leading expert in the field of security, providing advanced security options. These range from the provision of a single guard through to the assessment and implementation of a combination of services to safeguard the largest of multi-location sites. When comparing private security companies it’s essential that your chosen provider is of the highest caliber, well established, with the highest of industry standards. Small and large enterprises around the world trust Fast Guard with their security needs.