Amid Fears Of Civil Unrest, Celebrities & VIP’s Turn To Private Security Guards For Protection Services

Miami, FL – In recent months, the developed world has been hit by some violent attacks in the main cities and popular locations. Now, amid fears of future civil unrest, public demonstrations, lone-wolf attacks, and unfortunate terror attacks, celebrities and VIPs are leaving nothing to chance and are seeking personal protection from private security firms. Case in point is Fast Guard Service, a private security firm which is based in Miami which happens to be a busy showbiz hub frequented by popular public figures. The firm reports that it has seen a steady increase in VIP protection subscriptions in recent weeks, confirming the belief that indeed, security has become a major concern for the upper class.

“There has been a spike in demand for private security in the last few months,” says Moise Louissaint, a representative from Fast Guard Service. “We attribute this change to the recent global events involving terrorist attacks, individual mass attacks, and other singular incidences that have shed light on the need for better civil protection across the US and around the world. Most of the people who have increased their security needs are VIPs and celebrities. This is obviously due to their high-risk exposure to criminal elements and the public at large. Of course, we are not happy that people feel less safe now than before. We are just honored that we are in a position to help alleviate these fears by providing a highly professional and efficient security service to all those who come to us. We will continue to do so in future because we have the capacity for it.”

Mr. Louissaint further elaborates that the trend of seeking more personal security is likely to continue indefinitely as people gauge domestic and international security safety. He says that even if general public safety increases, VIPs and celebrities are likely to retain them still or require more personal security for the foreseeable future before the sustained safety fears can be overcome. And if security threats keep popping up across the region, the status quo might hold for a lot longer.

He also explains that those who have been seeking extra security are not exactly without protection before approaching security firms like Fast Guard. He says that in most cases, these clients simply want to add to their existing security for various reasons. One common explanation is that the client is visiting a location perceived to have an increased threat level either in general or directly to the client. Another explanation is that their current security is inadequate regarding some personnel, equipment or the understanding of the locations to be visited. Others simply want to have some level of armed security around them. The reasons, he says, are as varied as the clients themselves. 

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Curtis Jackson AKA 50 Cent Trusts Fast Guard Service in Miami FL

Hiring private security can be an expensive endeavor. However, for celebrities and VIPs, this is a bearable and necessary cost. These are high net-worth individuals with huge financial portfolios that can comfortably sustain the cost of hiring private security permanently or temporarily. Also, for some of the personalities, such as celebrities, hiring personal private security is just the cost of doing business; it comes with the territory. The more known someone become, the more they become exposed to the public and to potential security risks.

Protection firms such as Fast Guard Service offer lots of different services and packages to their clientele. This includes alarm response, vehicle patrol, surveillance, background checks, undercover operations, disgruntled employee protection, disgruntled lover protection, paparazzi protection, event security, integrity shopping, and more. The security arrangements can be permanent, temporary, armed, unarmed or emergency-based. Their clients include corporate executives, celebrities, VIPs, politicians, commercial brands, and others.

As one of the leading providers of private security in the world, Fast Guard Service boasts over 200 employees, 900 clients, and over 1,000 certifications. The firm affords its clientele with security 24/7, and that includes global dispatch to any location worldwide. The firm also has multiple locations nationwide for easy reach by clients. Some of the brands it is proud to be associated with include POLO, Fendi, Forever 21, Gamestop, ToysRus, and many others. Without a doubt, the company deserves its self-titled tag of being the global authority in security, protection, and bodyguard services.

Anyone can seek private security services from firms such as Fast Guard. After identifying the provider, one makes an application either online or in person. The private security firm then evaluates the client to ascertain whether they can meet their security needs entirely. If approved, communication is initiated by the security firm’s representatives. A meeting is then arranged where both parties agree on important factors such as the level of security needed (armed or unarmed), the number of security personnel needed, the duration of the service, the locations to be served, facilitation requirements for the security personnel, costing, and legal requirements. Once all that is agreed upon, contracts are prepared, and the security service is initiated. 

However, Fast Guard Service claims that it does not require its clients seeking security guard services in Miami FL or anywhere else to get into a contract. As Mr. Louissaint explains, such contracts can be restricted to clients at times. He claims that his firm does not require contracts to be prepared and instead the firm relies purely on the quality of service offered to maintain its client list. If a customer is not impressed or satisfied with the service provided, they are free to seek a change or to look for the services elsewhere. This type of openness, he claims, is one of the reasons why Fast Guard Service stands out in matters to do with security. Their service is all about integrity, honesty, and reliability.

It remains to be seen how long or to what degree the public figures in society will continue to require private security as a result of fearing the unknown. Luckily, though, firms such as Fast Guard Service are there to provide them with safety and peace of mind.

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