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Fast Guard

Portland, Oregon – Scott Mares’ peaceful afternoon at Couch Park in Portland was marred by the frightening experience of intervening when an unidentified female attempted to abduct his 7-year-old daughter and take her away by force. This event on October 22 has reignited discussions regarding homelessness and public safety issues within Portland.

Mares had brought his daughter to Couch Park’s playground, hoping for a relaxing day of play. Still, his peaceful experience was interrupted at around 6 p.m. by an unknown female in a T-shirt who began engaging in bizarre, uncontrolled movements amongst the children in the play area and performing acrobatics and other dangerous stunts.

Alarmed for his daughter’s wellbeing, Mares immediately dialed to summon help. While speaking to dispatchers on the line, however, things took an alarming turn: A half-naked woman attempted to abduct his child before Mares managed to intervene and save his daughter from any further danger. This tragic event has rocked Portland and ignited renewed calls to address homelessness there. After experiencing such trauma herself, Mares stressed the necessity for proactive steps against homelessness issues that threaten families and children in Portland communities.

Local authorities are actively investigating this incident, with an arrest made of an alleged perpetrator. This incident serves as a stark reminder of the numerous challenges cities such as Portland face when it comes to addressing homelessness while safeguarding vulnerable residents such as children. Portlanders struggling to balance public safety with homelessness have turned Mares’ experience into an essential platform for dialogue on sustainable solutions to safeguard communities while aiding those in need. Her story serves as a timely reminder of how important it is to combine compassion with effective strategies when confronting homelessness while safeguarding public spaces.

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