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Personal security in New York requires a particular skill set to ensure the person/s being protected benefit from the highest level of defense that’s tailored to the individual and situation. Fast Guard Service is trusted around the world to provide bespoke, high-end security options that are determined uniquely to their clients’ individual needs.

New York Personal Security Services: Bodyguards

Today’s bodyguard is so much more than simply a visible deterrent, with the profession having evolved greatly over the past decades. Bodyguards are often perceived as having a high-profile image but, in reality, the highest afforded level of protection is generally low-key and unobtrusive. Such safeguarding is, by necessity, carried out by high-caliber individuals with outstanding situational awareness, interpersonal skills, and a conscientious attitude.

New York Personal Security Services: VIP, Executive, and Corporate Protection

Executive and corporate security protection services go above and beyond the role of a bodyguard. Sometimes referred to as ‘close protection officers’ the role of the personal security operative/s is to seamlessly integrate with their client’s needs and lifestyle while providing the highest level of risk mitigation. 

In addition to carrying out risk assessments and putting in place the relevant security for the circumstances, this level of personal protection includes all elements of travel, identification of threat through proactive intelligence, with security cover also afforded to other members of your family or group as required.

Such protection may be armed or unarmed, and if travel is to be included then the provision of a trained security driver may also be necessary. Executive, VIP, and Corporate Protection operatives are also trained in first aid, and in many cases have more extensive pre-hospital medical skills, such as AED qualifications.

Worldwide Escorts and Escort Duties

For many, the need for personal security services will extend beyond the reach of New York City, making it imperative that the chosen provider can provide the same standard of security throughout the country and, if necessary, around the world. This could involve travel to countries more hostile than our own, with each presenting individual challenges. In such cases, it’s highly likely that your protection needs will be attended to by those with additional specialist skills to ensure you’re afforded the ultimate level of safety.

In addition, escort duties to ensure the safety of valuable assets and goods in transit, or the provision of personal security for youths or vulnerable persons in the US or around the world, is another aspect of personalized security services.

Private Security Teams

In certain situations, the provision of a private security team will be necessary to ensure the safety of the person/s being guarded. This could include, for example, celebrities, those in high-ranking corporate positions, their families, or for anyone that an expert risk assessment deems necessary.

Whatever the need for personal security services, the most critical aspect is to ensure your provider is one who has extensive knowledge and experience in every element of providing a bespoke service. The key to the ultimate in personal protection is that of trust, something that comes from the provision of operatives who provide the unique defenses necessary for each situation. It’s also important to select a provider that can be truly dynamic, with the ability to evolve for any future needs. 

Fast Guard Service is a leading global provider of all aspects of personal protection, with highly trained personnel providing a discreet efficient safeguard for those in need of the ultimate in proactive and dynamic security. With a network of dedicated, established protection agents, Fast Guard is your trusted personal security service source within New York, nationwide, and on a global scale. When safety is the paramount concern, Fast Guard can always be relied on to deliver. 

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