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The security industry has undergone a dramatic evolution over recent decades. This makes it imperative that anyone looking for personal security services in New Jersey, throughout the US, or around the world should only trust their welfare to an expert service that can provide safekeeping no matter what the situation. Fast Guard Service offers a preeminent personal security service relied on by some of the most important figures around the world.

Personal Security Services in New Jersey: Bodyguards

The term bodyguard encompasses a wide range of niche personal protection roles and is often mistakenly thought of as a highly visible deterrent. The truth is that the title of “bodyguard” is an umbrella term for a variety of positions. Rather than the stereotypical assumption of a bodyguard carrying out a high-profile role, some of the most crucial aspects are those of risk assessment and risk mitigation. The ability of highly trained bodyguards to remain relatively inconspicuous allows clients to carry out their day-to-day activities without drawing attention, and safe in the knowledge that their security is well-preserved.

Personal Security Services in New Jersey: Corporate Protection for VIPs & Executives

VIP and executive protection (EP) is a highly bespoke service afforded to those who have a need for a unique strategy to ensure their safety. This can also be extended to family members and others if necessary. The key aspect of such close protection is that of integration into the client’s regular lifestyle.

Highly trained operatives carry out ongoing risk assessments, including that of the proactive gathering of intelligence, to determine a unique plan of action that ensures a dependable safety shield. It’s this bespoke element that differentiates EP and corporate personal security over and above that of a traditional bodyguard. Operatives may carry firearms and are first aid trained (at a minimum—many hold higher levels of medical qualifications, including AED use).

As most VIPs and executives travel in the course of their duties, EP agents determine the level of risk involved and put the necessary measures in place. This might involve the use of a highly-skilled protection driver/s and further EP officers if needed. 

Private Security Teams in New Jersey, Nationwide, and Worldwide

Private security teams are employed in various scenarios, often for those in controversial positions, celebrities, or those holding high-level corporate roles. The provision of a security team affords staunch round-the-clock protection for the individual and, if needed, their families and those around them.

Security teams provide seamless 24/7 defense against risk and are made up of several high-caliber operatives, including executive protection, drivers, and intelligence officers. Such a service is often employed for high-risk individuals who travel on a national and international basis.

Escort Duties on a National and Global Scale 

Executive and VIP personal protection is often required outside that of your home state boundaries. Such situations make it crucial that the service continues to ensure the same high level of risk assessment and mitigation, as well as operatives with the ability to recognize and act appropriately in any type of situation.

For those traveling to hostile environments, the provision of specialist protection is paramount. This is often provided by those with extensive military experience. When selecting a personal security service provider it’s essential their operation can evolve with your needs. Today your needs might be within the state of New Jersey, but should it become necessary for your protection around the country or the globe then it’s crucial that your service provider has the capacity and comprehensive knowledge for this.

Escort duties also cover the protection of goods in transit. Security operatives can travel with assets of high or sensitive value to ensure they arrive safely at their destination.

Personal security affords the ultimate level of protection for you, your family, and those around you. This makes the selection of your provider a critical one, as entrusting your safety to others requires extensive trust on your behalf. Leading global provider, Fast Guard Service, understands that the provision of your safety is a privileged role to undertake. With an established and dependable network of high-caliber operatives, Fast Guard’s bespoke personal security services slot seamlessly into your lifestyle and evolve with any future needs.

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