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The tragedy at the Pulse Nightclub has left Orlando and the nation reeling. As the media reports the owner of the club,   Barbara Poma, will ride on the Lead Float at the NYC Pride Parade June 24, the owners and operators of Orlando security services are committed to showing their solidarity as well. They want to refresh Orlando businesses on the things they can do to keep their companies safe. Part of the horror of what came to be known as the worst mass shooting in American history is in the fact the killer visited the club before he went on his rampage.  Along with hiring trained and Orlando Bodyguards as a physical presence, there are a few things that all enterprise can do to start on the road back to recovery.

All employees in any business should stay alert during hours of operation. Being aware of who is in your venue as well as the people outside is important for any of the employees you hire. Of course, it is important that you get any Orlando bodyguards or other people you hire to look after this critical aspect of keeping your business safe. Orlando security services understand that not every business or nightclub can hire professional security staff, so the best of these firms will also offer the ability to run a background check on any employees you want to hire. Criminal records searches are a necessary aspect of the information that you will get to make an informed choice.

Best Case Scenario

Of course, the best-case scenario has every business in Orlando hiring trained uniformed guards that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days week. It’s best if you can find a company that has a variety of these professionals to choose from. Understanding the best areas to place Orlando bodyguards in any enterprise is the first step. For example, the Pulse nightclub had a lobby adjacent to the entrance door.  

If your business has a similar kind of separate entrance area, it’s a good idea to make sure you have both adequate lighting and sufficient security in those places. You should be able to choose from different kinds of security personnel, including permanent and temporary as well as ones that are armed and  those that don’t carry guns. K9 protection security services are another option to consider.

The kind of Orlando security services that you choose quite often depends on the layout of the building that you want protected. The Pulse nightclub had a main dance floor in the center of the building.  Real-time surveillance video is an innovation in the industry that can protect your property and save lives in the long run and it works well in larger areas as a deterrent and a useful tool to identify crime and violent attacks. For every kind of business, surveillance like this is made even stronger and more efficient with security guards that can patrol the grounds and others who can monitor cameras.  


The modern business needs to remember that not all the issues they will encounter are physical. In fact, cyber warfare has become one of the top threats against corporate America and cyber security needs to be part of your overall security no matter what size your business is. It’s important to leverage proper safety options that include a credible cloud aspect. Two-factor authentication is another important aspect making sure sensitive information doesn’t get lost or stolen.

However, many businesses look to the physical aspect of security and hire Orlando Bodyguards for events and overseeing the day-to-day operations of their companies. If your business is looking to hire some of these professionals, Orlando security services suggests that you look for a place with an on-site training facility.  Any of the guards you hire should be CPR/AED/First Aid certified and have experience in criminal justice and sworn law enforcement.

Walking Memorial

A walking memorial is planned at San Francisco’s LGBT Pride parade Sunday, June 26 for the victims of the Orlando shooting. Along with the ones held across the nation, it’s clear that America is dedicated to remembering those who died and making sure something like this never happens again.

Being proactive as a business owner is a big part of that. Even as the latest news about an NRA-opposed compromise to bar guns from certain terror suspects emerged Thursday, it was clear that staying vigilant is a big part of the solution for business owners and the general public alike.

Orlando security services understand a comprehensive approach is needed and that includes parking lot tips to keep you safe. For example, if you can’t see a hundred feet in front of you at night in any  parking lot you should change where you decide to leave your car. Parking in high traffic areas of any parking lot is another good suggestion and you should always hide any valuables out of plain view when you leave your vehicle.

Because a physical presence is quite often a great deterrent, Orlando bodyguards are at the top of many business lists when they are looking to upgrade their security. If your organization decides to go that route, make sure the applicants are properly screened and that and have all the necessary training to act in a professional manner regardless of the circumstance.