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Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao has voiced her dissatisfaction with the lengthy process of selecting a competent successor for former Oakland Police Chief LeRonne Armstrong, who was fired five months ago. The fallout from Chief Armstrong’s retirement has sparked worries about the lengthy process of appointing a new police chief to head the Oakland Police Department.

Mayor Thao fired Chief Armstrong earlier this year after he was put on administrative leave, igniting several debates and arguments within the city’s political scene. The Oakland Police Commission, according to the city charter, plays a critical role in suggesting possible candidates for the job of police chief before the mayor makes a final choice.

In recent news, Mayor Thao publicly chastised the Oakland Police Commission for what she sees as an overly lengthy process of choosing applicants to replace the empty job. Mayor Thao expressed her worries to KRON4’s Justine Waldman, stating, “I’m frustrated.” I’m irritated by how lengthy the procedure is taking. Suppose this does not happen so that we can have our chief. In that case, I will be obliged to use my executive powers to declare a state of emergency to guarantee that we receive a leader in a timely way if the police commission cannot perform its duty.” She reiterated her commitment to following the municipal charter while expressing her increasing dissatisfaction with the speed of the selection process. “However, I do want to ensure that they have an opportunity to follow the charter’s rules, but this is taking far too long,” Mayor Thao continued.

Oakland’s search for a new police chief comes when the city deals with several public safety issues, including growing crime rates and continuing discussions over police reform. The appointment of a police chief is a critical choice with far-reaching consequences for the city, and Mayor Thao’s frustrations reflect the gravity of the issue. Residents and stakeholders are keenly following developments in this subject, hoping that a new police chief will be chosen soon to address the critical concerns confronting Oakland’s law enforcement and public safety operations. The capacity of the Oakland Police Commission to accelerate its recommendations will be a significant element in deciding how quickly the city can proceed with this vital appointment.

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