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Pre-employment screens are a vital step in a company’s recruitment process. Often referred to as a background check, it’s one of the last stages before an individual is given an official offer of employment and allowed access to company premises.

There are multiple reasons such checks should be carried out, and these apply to all enterprises, regardless of their size or the sensitivity of works undertaken. These reasons include:

  • Proof of prior experience: Outright lying on a professional resume, thankfully, isn’t commonplace. However, manipulation of the truth is something that often occurs. This could apply to qualifications, roles worked, enhanced job histories, responsibilities, and more. Following up references and verifyingCriminal Records - Background Check previous employment or education is essential to ensure the suitability of a potential new employee. The discovery of a deliberate discrepancy not only places a question over suitability for the role but also that of the candidate’s honesty and integrity.
  • Safety for your business, employees, and customers: Ensuring factors such as the absence of a criminal record or dismissal from a previous position for reasons such as theft, bullying, harassment, or gross misconduct are essential to safeguard against risk to your business. Should an incident occur in the future and it came to light that background checks were inadequate, a company could be held liable for failing to carry out due diligence in their pre-employment screen.
  • The right to work in the US: Companies must confirm that those they employ have the legal right to work in the USA.
  • Professional license verification: For those who need to hold a license and/or be a member of a regulatory body, employers should ensure this is the case.
  • To safeguard the company reputation: An in-depth background check dramatically reduces the chances of employing a person whose actions could be detrimental to the future of the business.
  • To reduce costs: Recruitment at all levels costs money. Losing an employee could lead to the need to retrain an alternative candidate, loss of revenue during the time it takes to find a replacement, as well as an increased burden upon recruitment staff to redo the process of interviewing and hiring.

Rather than spending the time and resources it takes to carry out adequate background checks, many companies take advantage of professional services to do this for them. Leading security firm, Fast Guard Service, offers the ultimate in fast, detailed, and professional background checks, so eliminating the need for potential employers to navigate what can be a lengthy and costly process.

Such a service utilizes the skills of experienced investigators who use a network of trusted confidential sources to verify the history and status of job applicants. Such background check services include verification of the following:

  • Personal profiles
  • Educational qualifications
  • Previous employment
  • Social security trace
  • Professional licenses
  • Criminal record search
  • Corporate search
  • Motor vehicle search
  • Credit checks
  • Civil searches

Carrying out valid background checks should be a mandatory step during any recruitment process. As this tends to be the final stage before a recruit is hired, the speed at which professional pre-screening can be carried out is often vital. This makes handing over such an important task to a professional investigation company such as Fast Guard Service something that is hugely advantageous to both employer and potential employee, not to mention the assurance and safeguards it provides to customers and those who currently work for the company. Fast Guard is your one stop security shop, where you’ll find all the security services your business needs.