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 A strong earthquake shook Morocco today, sending shockwaves from Rabat to Marrakesh. The quake has alerted people and officials, with no early reports of deaths or severe damage. According to the Moroccan National Seismological Institute, the earthquake hit in the early morning hours and had a magnitude of 6.5 on the Richter scale. The epicentre occurred near the city of Beni Mellal in central Morocco.

The tremors were felt throughout a large region, including Rabat, Morocco’s capital city, about 120 kilometres north of the epicentre, and Marrakesh, a major tourist destination about 170 kilometres south. According to reports, buildings have been trembling and swaying in different parts of the country. Local authorities and emergency services were quickly summoned to examine the situation and give aid as required. There have been no reported injuries, and the degree of structural damage is unknown. However, preliminary assessments indicate that certain buildings, especially older ones, may have sustained minimal damage.

Moroccan authorities have warned inhabitants to be attentive and follow safety precautions during aftershocks. Residents have been warned to remain outside, away from buildings, and to avoid congested places. The earthquake has sparked a feeling of camaraderie among Moroccans, with towns banding together to help those impacted. Social media has been flooded with words of support, and local NGOs and charities are preparing to help those in need.

International organisations and neighbouring nations have supported Morocco and offered aid if needed. This coordinated endeavour emphasises the need for regional collaboration in reacting to natural calamities. Morocco is located in a seismically active zone, and earthquakes are frequent. However, Moroccan authorities’ readiness and reaction have substantially increased in recent years to limit the possible consequences of such occurrences. Moroccan authorities will continue monitoring earthquake activity, evaluating damage, and aiding impacted communities as the situation develops. The country’s perseverance and solidarity in the face of this earthquake reflect its people’s strength and dedication to guaranteeing the safety and well-being of all inhabitants and tourists.

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