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Executive protection—in other words, a tailor-made security provision for C-suite execs—is so much more than simply hiring a bodyguard or two.

Today’s world is full of hazards for all of us. But never is this truer than for those who hold positions of importance in high ranking corporations. Stalkers, kidnappers, employees holding a grudge… Not to mention the ever-present risk of terrorism and the omnipresent issue of cyber-stalking, highly prominent executives are far more exposed to danger than most.

Cue the services of an executive protection team.

There are many reasons a company might consider such a provision for their high-ranking members, and we’ll delve into those in a moment. But first, let’s differentiate between exec protection and the somewhat contrasting service provided by bodyguards.

Executive protection vs. a bodyguardSecurity Assessment

While a bodyguard provides an individual with protection from physical harm, executive protection teams work with their clients and their whole entourage to provide a complete safeguarding service. This includes advanced planning tactics, operational intelligence, threat information, and in-depth observation and comms. And it all works seamlessly around the individual diary of the executive involved.

In short, executive protection provided by a security company is all about preventing any incident from happening in the first place. It’s a proactive service, rather than the reactive kind provided by bodyguards. Thanks to pre-planning and continued dynamic risk assessments, the executive benefits from a massively lowered risk of personal danger, yet his or her day is minimally interrupted thanks to this occurring unobtrusively in the background.

And this, in turn, leads to many other advantages.

  1. Peace of mind: Never underestimate the benefits this brings. For those who work in powerful positions, knowing that someone truly “has your back” (and that of your loved ones) means not having to expend precious mental energy worrying about security lapses or anything else that might place you or your family in danger.
  2. Travel is less of an issue: While technology means face-to-face meetings aren’t quite as crucial as they used to be, at C-suite level they’re still a necessary evil. Security is always a concern on the move, and this is even more relevant when visiting emerging markets. Traveling to countries such as those within Africa, South America, and the Indian sub-continent require higher levels of security, not only from the danger of attack but also due to very different levels of health and safety. Having the support of executive security exponentially lowers the level of risk.
  3. Increases productivity: This is thanks to the security team working with other members of the executive organization to limit both interruptions to the working day as well as potential risk. Calculated logistics ensure that time isn’t wasted with concerns of aspects that can be handled by someone else, leaving the exec to get on with the important business of the job in hand.

Selecting the best executive protection is not something to be hurried. Choosing the services of a globally respected company such as Fast Guard Security Service provides the reassurance of experience, as well as references from all fields of international industry. 

It’s essential to be satisfied that whatever company is eventually chosen can provide unobtrusive yet comprehensive protection, continuity of service, and only employs personnel with the relevant experience and qualifications. Only then can you be sure of getting the highest level of executive protection necessary for true peace of mind.