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There’s nothing more exciting than being on a motion picture set, watching the magic happen while it’s being filmed. Whether it’s a big budget Hollywood film or a plucky Independent, film sets attract attention. The lights, the glamorous actors and actresses, people want to see it, to watch it, to be a part of the filmmaking process. But not all attention is good attention.

Some people, no matter how disturbing it sounds, just want to threaten it or destroy it. Hollywood and the Film industry have become a symbol of the American way of life. Many enemies and people who wish to terrorize Americans see movies as threats, and so film sets can become a natural target for them. That is one reason why armed security on movie sets is a must in today’s world.

What about paparazzi? How many violent incidents have erupted over paparazzi in recent years? Celebrity photographers get overzealous, hover around movie sets, and even try and sneak in or break their way into film sets. Armed security guards, effective, well-trained security used to working on movie sets, can handle paparazzi with ease. What about the next, crazier level, one that is even worse than paparazzi, crazed fans and stalkers?

Unfortunately there have been too many incidents of stalkers in recent years, from John Hinkley Jr, fixating on Jodie Foster to the psychopath that took poor Dominique Dunne’s life at far too early an age. Simply put, movie sets need to be secure, and this means that armed guards and experienced, tough, disciplined security guards need to be on the set. Whether it is to protect actors from stalkers or paparazzi or the whole crew from too many onlookers or dangerous people with bad intentions, armed security is a must for modern day film sets.

Most people think of Hollywood when they think of movie sets, but more films are shot outside of Hollywood than inside the entertainment capital today. Even big budget Hollywood films go on location to shoot portions of their movies. So there are movie sets all over the country, especially in sunny, popular Miami, Florida.

Fast Guard Service specializes in protecting and securing movie sets Miami and all across the State of Florida. Fast Guard Service staffs film sets with experienced armed guards and security guards, armed guards that have worked on and around film and television sets before. They understand the need to be unobtrusive, to stay out of the way and quiet, yet they know how to handle any security issue, from paparazzi to stalkers or simple crowd outbursts that get out of control. If you’re filming any type of show or movie in Florida, contact Fast Guard Service and have your miami movie set security needs filled by the best in the business.

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