Fast Guard

In the wake of the Manchester attacks, concert/festival attendees need some piece of mind to know that something similar can’t happen to them at their next event. In response, Live Nation has activated mandatory elevated risk protocols for its events. It’s unclear whether these are voluntary from Live Nation or forced on them by another entity. However this new came to light via Sasquatch Music Festival.

For all Live Nation events no bags or backpacks (probably including camelbacks) permitted besides small personal bags or purses or clear 1 gallon bags. All bags will be subject to search and CCTV will be in use at the security lines. Sadly, all of this results in delays to lines that can already be quite long.

Sasquatch is not the only Live Nation festival. In fact, a quick review of festivals highlighted in the new Passport Program show that Austin City Limits, Bonaroo, EDC Vegas, EDC Orlando, Electric Forest, Hard Summer, Governor’s Ball, Lollapalooza, and more fall under the umbrella. Annoying as these rules may be, they might be the difference between safety and danger in this uncertain time.

On – 24 May, 2017 By scott edmtunes