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Fast Guard

The need to protect individuals, industries, and property has always existed, but undoubtedly, the need to increase protection has become more apparent in recent years as threat levels in the country and around the world have continued to rise. For this reason, the private security sector is growing, and this is received highly positively by a number of different industries within the economy. The need for increased security is apparent in the fact that the industry itself has grown by approximately 17% in the ten-year period from 2006 to 2016. But it’s not just the top 1% that are hiring security guards; the need for increased security has spread from the education sector to popular restaurants and everywhere in between.

The Need for Increased Security in the Education Sector

Whereas schools at all levels of education including colleges, middle and high schools, are feeling the increased presence of security, the increase is even more pronounced at the primary school level. The presence of outside-sourced security measures has become more prevalent in schools according to data collected by The National Center for Education Statistics; security is present at least once a week in 43% of all public schools during the school year in comparison to 31% of schools ten years previously. This rate continues to grow due to reasons such as; acting as a deterrent to school shootings, reducing the risks of riots due to tensions in the current political atmosphere, as a method of protecting controversial guest speakers, to monitor bullying, and to prevent and respond to campus rape cases. 

There is an undeniable element of controversy surrounding the presence of armed security in schools as there are some who believe that it is not conducive to a nurturing and inclusive environment, but considering the threats that students and staff are under due to the number of shootings in recent years, it is understandable that an armed guard can save many lives if they are in a situation where they are forced to use a weapon. 

Increased Security in Fast Food Restaurants and Drinking Establishments

In the age of social media, where a video camera and access to the internet is literally in the hands of every person who attends a restaurant, it is understandable why many cities around the world, especially in Europe have decided to increase security guard presence in fast-food restaurants and drinking establishments. This presence protects the owners, staff, and frequenters of these establishments from the damaging effects of viral videos and false allegations, as a member of the security team becomes the informant for law enforcement officials regarding accusations made against the restaurant and can, therefore, protect them from controversial sensationalism.

Increased Security and Protecting Against Corporate Espionage

Security guards are trained to spot suspicious activities and individuals, which is why they play more than the typically expected role of protection in commercial properties and office buildings; they are also valuable in protecting companies against corporate espionage. Companies are increasingly at risk of cyber-attack due to the growing threat of espionage from international companies, and for this reason, security guards are now being trained extensively in how to protect companies from this form of attack.

The Reason for Increased Security in Marijuana Dispensaries

The legalization of marijuana across a growing number of states has led to a need for increased security presence which can protect the people inside, the product, and the cash on site. There have been a considerable number of incidents that have threatened the safety of staff members of dispensaries following organized operations. These operations are designed with stealing as much as possible in mind, due to the fact that marijuana dispensaries deal in cash transactions as most banks do not permit credit or debit card transactions in these establishments due to the sale of marijuana still being prohibited under federal law. For this reason, the dispensaries commonly have thousands of dollars in cash in each location. 

Fast Guard Security Are the Only Professionals That Your Industry Needs

Fast Guard Service is a Security Guard Company that is one of the most highly recognized and trusted security companies in the world and can provide the security that your establishment or company needs. Our armed security guards are highly experienced and are constantly undergoing training with us, as your security is important to us. Make sure to contact us today for a consultation regarding your requirements.