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The two shootings that took place in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, earlier this month have brought the total number of mass shootings to 17 in the USA in 2019. That’s an average of one mass shooting every 12.7 days. 

A lot of debate has been taking place over what we can all do to help prevent these events from happening again. Depending on where you lie on the political spectrum, your own views and solutions may differ considerably from someone else’s. 

While a political solution to mass shootings may be hard to pin down, there are specific practical solutions we can look at which can reduce the chances of these tragedies happening again in the future. 

Some of these strategies include increasing security at public events such as concerts or hiring trained security professionals to work in public settings where these shootings occur, such as malls or other crowded public spaces. 

Tips To Follow In An Active Shooter Situation

Most of us go about our day to day lives, not thinking about coming across an active shooter situation. There are some general tips you can follow if you are unfortunate enough to come across an active shooter situation, according to the Department Of Homeland Security:

  • Be aware of your environment and any possible dangers.
  • Take note of the 2 nearest exits in any facility you visit. 
  • Call 911 as soon as it is safe to do so.

These three steps are very important for the general public to keep in the back of their minds when visiting any public place. Businesses should also have measures in place for what their employees should do in an active shooter situation, as well as reduce the chances of this situation from happening at all by having a well equipped Security Force in place.
<h3What’s Your Situation?

The shootings that occurred in El Paso and Dayton happened in common everyday scenarios. The Mall shooting in El Paso occurred in broad daylight when the shooter walked freely into the store. While the shooting in Dayton happened in the early hours of the morning on August 4th, at these times adequate security may have been lacking in both locations. 

Large events such as concerts always need well-equipped concert security to deal with such threats. But in more innocuous situations such as heading to a bar with friends or grabbing a late snack from Walmart, who is on duty to keep the public safe?

Maybe you’re an event coordinator or you run a business where you’re dealing with the public on a day to day basis and the events this past month have given you security concerns. One option is to look into hiring an armed security guard from a security company that can help keep your venue or place of work safe from such threats. 

Back in January 2019, a Private Security Officer managed to stop a man in Huntsville from entering a nightclub with an AK-47, if the Security GuardSecurity Officer hadn’t been on duty then there could have been deadly consequences. This shows the benefits of having a security guard on the premises.

One of the benefits of hiring unarmed or armed security guards from a security company is that these professionals are specially trained to be able to deal with an active shooter situation, whereas the general public is not. Having a single or a group of trained professionals in charge of security reduces the chances of your business being targeted by an active shooter.

You can’t put a price on safety, and businesses getting professional security help reduces the chances of these situations occurring again in the future.

Let The Professionals Help

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