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There is no worse feeling in the world, you no longer trust them after years of being together, and you believe he or she might be cheating on you. After you get over the shock of the thought that your husband or wife might be having an affair, you have to do some hard investigating to see if your relationship really had hit a land mine.

Once you get over the pain, heartache, stress and emotions caused by the idea that your spouse is having an affair, you have to do what is right by you and your family and find out the truth, one way or the other. Before you throw away all those years you shared, all those memories and the plans you have made for the future, before you destroy your home life, you have to be positive that your suspicions are right. Here are a few preliminary ways to tell whether or not your spouse might be cheating on you.

  • Check their cell phone or cell phones: If you see unknown numbers, dial and see who answers. If your spouse has a second phone or you find numbers of that are called or who call a lot, odds are that you have found something. If your spouse is trying to keep a separate line hidden from you, there is likely an issue.
  • Has your spouse started changing their appearance? If so there is a likelihood that he or she is trying to be more attractive, look younger or better groomed. This is another potential indicator that you may have a cheating spouse.
  • Has your spouse become more distant from you? This might be because he or she is getting closer to someone else. They may emotionally and mentally withdraw from you as they are spending energy on someone new.
  • Has your spouse started “working” more but there’s no more money? Does he or she want to spend more “alone” time or nights out with the boys or girls? If so, this is yet another indicator that you may indeed have a wayward spouse. They have to carve out the time to spend with a new flam if they are engaged or are engaging in an affair.

None of these are bona fide guarantees that your spouse is having an affair, but they are good indicators. If so, don’t try and play detective and follow them or try and snoop too hard on your spouse or you may never find the truth or do damage to a relationship that you have worked hard to build. If you see one or two indicators that help confirm your suspicions, get good professional help to ascertain the truth.

A good private investigator will find the truth, good or bad, without exposing your suspicions or causing other issues in your relationships. They will remain discreet and unseen, all while using the best tools available to find out whether or not your spouse is having an affair. Fast Guard Service, the best security firm in all of the southern United States, recommends They understand the importance of your questions and they know what you are going through, and will get to the bottom of the matter for you quickly, quietly and professionally.