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When you think of security and safety, there are many things in your life that are worth your protection; most important is kids safety. When looking at safety for kids, there are many avenues you can take. The following is a brief list of simple safety tips for kids.



Home safety for kids is crucial and this is where all parents should start. With the world the way it is nowadays, its no longer safe to let children do what ever they want. So starting at a young age, make sure your child knows that it is unsafe and not okay for them to open the door for just anyone. Although they may think they know the person, sometimes children can be mistaken and a worst case scenario could be the result. So under no circumstances should your child be allowed to open the door until they reach a reliable age to do so. Protecting your home the right way, is going to immensely reduce the risk and deter most criminals or predators who might target your house, by installing a security camera system, smart locks on your doors and windows, a security system and more.

When your child is very young, it is wise to childproof your home in order to make it safe for them to roam around and explore. The last thing you would want is to make your child feel like a prisoner by adding too many boundaries, when simple safety measures can be put in place instead. When it comes to safety, kids might think you are being over protective depending on their age, but deep down they know that you are doing all this for their own good.



In keeping with safety tips for kids, the use of a code word is another trend that has been gaining popularity over the last few years. Many abductions are occurring not only in homes or stores, but from schools as well. Making a code word that your child can easily remember will prevent them from going with anyone who does not know your families code. It’s also important to inform your child’s teacher of the code word, so they may help instill its importance and be able to verify that your child is going with the appropriate care giver.



An often overlooked kids safety measure is the practice of placing your child’s name on their belongings to ensure that they aren’t mistakenly taken by a classmate. However, this concept gives potential criminals the opportunity to call your child by name, which is a recipe for disaster. What child would not respond and listen to someone who calls them by name?



Some may think this is going a bit overboard, but testing your child on the aforementioned tips with someone you trust is invaluable. This practice will put your mind at ease knowing that these safety measures are making a difference with your child. Safety rules for kids are put in place to keep them safe, plain and simple. As a parent, your kids safety is your priority. These are just a few pointers to help make that job a little bit easier.