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Fast Guard

Love pizza so much that you’d hire it a bodyguard? Same here. That’s why we made it our business to make hiring bodyguards as easy as ordering a pizza.

For different reasons during different seasons, we all find ourselves in need of an additional sense of security. Maybe you are hosting an auction that needs discrete security or you need someone at the front door of an event. Maybe you need an armed professional to give you a lift or maybe you really are just a pizza lover you needs his pizza watched. People have done more interesting things. You know one of the first investments the Laker’s Swaggy P made with his NBA paycheck? A guard for his shoes.

But seriously, no matter why you need additional security- be it escort safety at a political event or a personal bodyguard for your thin crust- trust the professionals. Fast Guard Service is able to offer the following:

  • Personal bodyguards
  • Personal concierge
  • Armed security escorting
  • Private security
  • Unarmed security escorts
  • Private transportation

Fast Guard Service specializes in having your back, so our security and bodyguards can stick around for as long or as little as you’d like. You’ll likely continue to hire those you’ve worked with before and enjoy. The best relationships are founded in trust of one another.

Don’t second-guess your need for a bodyguard. Your guaranteed safety is always worth hired help. So is your six-cheese pepperoni deep dish.

Need more reasons to hire a bodyguard?

  • Quit feeling anxious
  • Don’t think twice about human threat
  • Finally enjoy yourself throughout the day knowing someone else is watching your back
  • Relax in the care of personal transport
  • Leave the security details to the professionals.

Fast Guard Service makes it this easy to hire a bodyguard:

  1. Call the team
  2. Give your name and telephone number
  3. Tell them when and where you need a guard. At this point, the representative will find bodyguards for hire in your area and make arrangements to ensure the best security at your event or at your side within 30-40 minutes of your phone call.
  4. Solidify sufficient protection
  5. Arrangement payment

Voila. It’s that easy.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with Fast Guard Service for your bodyguard services today. We got you and your pizza.