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Today’s world of security is far removed from that of previous decades. Today, the industry demands qualified, experienced personnel to cover a wide range of different security guard elements. In fact, even the term security guard is somewhat outdated. So, in order to fully answer the question, how much do security guards make? it’s necessary to delve a little deeper into various aspects of the umbrella term of ‘security’.

Remuneration for Security Guards: It depends on the role 

  •     How much do security guards make? Basic level
  •     How much do security guards make? Armed guards
  •     How much do security guards make? Close/executive protection

How much do security guards make? Basic level

Any cursory Google search will bring up salary indicators (such as Indeed and Glassdoor) that indicate an average annual wage for a security guard is in the region of $23,000-£37,000. At the lower end of the scale that might not sound very much. But it’s important to consider that this encompasses low-risk roles that are generally carried out by those at the beginning of their security career. It also includes those who’ve reached retirement age and have taken such a job as a supplementary income to their pension.

How much do security guards make?

Armed security guards are those who’ve taken on additional firearm training to gain the necessary licensing for the state/area/region in which they carry out their duties. Armed guards work in many areas, including corporate buildings, public areas, airports, and even schools. 

Remuneration tends to be at the mid-higher end of the scale mentioned above, reflecting the level of training undertaken to carry a firearm. However, it’s not uncommon for armed guards to earn up to, or even in excess of, $50,000 per year.

How much do security guards make? Close/executive protection

Salary expectations tend to increase as you move into the roles of close and executive protection. Those who work in these areas are rewarded with a wage consummate to the perceived risk to those they guard and, therefore, the same relative threat to themselves. In the case of working protection for celebrities or high-value executives, annual incomes can be quite lucrative—it’s not unheard of for these to reach six figures. Of course, this is always dependent on experience. 

Salaries might also be upgraded with perks that include accommodation, vehicles, and perhaps foreign travel.

Special Circumstances

  •     High-paying security roles

High-paying security roles

Wages in the security industry are often tied to the amount of risk involved. For those with the relevant attributes (and the desire to do so), handsome recompense is available working in hostile environments. Think of countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia, Uganda, etc.

Examples of such civilian roles might include close protection for media personnel during periods of civil unrest, looking after the families of high-ranking officials or businesspeople,  or providing security detail for medical staff in war zones.

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