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Fast Guard Service has been helping local package delivery companies in the Greater Miami area and in most of southern Florida deliver packages safely and quickly for years. Package deliveries are a huge industry in today’s world. The digital age and on demand generation have come to expect that most everything be delivered instantly or quickly, when they want it and where they want it, sometimes within the hour.

Let’s face it, Amazon is one of the largest retailers on the planet, top 10 of all retailers in existence, and they don’t own one single store. Ordering merchandise, particularly online, and having it delivered, has become a convenience that billions of people rely on. In the Miami area, with exclusive regions like South Beach, some package deliveries can be quite valuable, and that is where quality armed guards, like the armed guards featured at Fast guard Service, can be a lifesaver. There are many package delivery companies that a could use quality security company like Fast Guard Service to help ensure safe delivery on, including:


  • Large Merchandise Deliveries: Many people buy most everything online these days, and that can involve large shipments of goods and merchandise, especially around the Holidays or during big sales, like Amazon’s annual customer appreciation sale. Package delivery is huge and sometimes this merchandise can be quite valuable, and armed guards can help protect the merchandise from theft.
  • Jewelry: Yes, many extremely valuable pieces of jewelry, as well as precious metals from medal brokers, are bought and sold around the world on the internet these days. Perhaps you don’t need an armored vehicle, but armed guards can certainly help protect the jewelry so that it reaches its destination safe and sound.
  • Rare Coins, Stamps and Other Collectibles: Rare coins are extremely valuable, as many different types of collectibles can be. These types of collectibles, artifacts and other valuable commodities are often sold online these days, whether you buy them from a broker, an individual or an auction. Wherever you buy them from, armed guards can help protect them.
  • High Bidding Items from Online Auctions: There are plenty of estates and valuable pieces, from artwork to expensive technology, that are sold at various outlets online. These items can be valued at tens of thousands of dollars or more, and are prime targets for criminals.
  • Cash Escorts: Believe it or not people still use cash for some transactions, and some people order large amounts of cash, bonds or other types of currencies to be delivered. Armed guards can escort cash deliveries when the delivery is too small for the need of an armored vehicle, but big enough to attract criminal elements

If you are looking to protect your valuable goods or package deliveries then give Fast Guard Service a try. Fast Guard Service is the nation’s best private security firm. Contact us or call us directly and we’ll give you the best security you could imagine.


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