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Security guards play an important role in ensuring safety and security in a variety of contexts, ranging from commercial premises to government buildings. Comprehensive background checks are a vital element of the employment process to assure these persons’ credibility and dependability. But how far back can these checks be traced? We will look at the normal scope of a security guard background check in this post. Background checks are performed on security guard applicants to assess their criminal background, job history, and character. Employers want to know that the people they employ are trustworthy, have no criminal records, and can handle the obligations that come with the job. The criminal history check is one of the most important parts of a security guard background check. The scope of this check may differ from state to state and from employer to employer. Criminal background checks may often go back 7 to 10 years. This implies that convictions, arrests, and charges from that period will be investigated. Employment history checks are performed to verify an applicant’s employment history and to search for any red flags, such as terminations for misbehavior. These checks often cover the previous 7-10 years of work. Character evaluations and reference checks give information about an applicant’s personality and work ethic. Employers often consult past employers and personal references, which might range from 7 to 10 years. State rules, the policies of the individual security business, and the needs of the customer the security guard will be serving may all have an impact on the breadth of a background check. More comprehensive background checks may be required for certain high-security positions, particularly those involving federal contracts. Background checks on security guards are an essential aspect of guaranteeing the safety and security of a wide variety of establishments. While the normal breadth of these checks includes analyzing an applicant’s criminal history, job history, and character references for the previous 7-10 years, the precise detail might vary depending on state laws and company rules. These safeguards are in place to protect the employer’s and the public’s interests by ensuring that personnel entrusted with security obligations are qualified for the job. Read More About. Comprehensive Security Services