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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to break-ins, homes account for the majority of targets with businesses a close second. These crimes are often committed as the opportunity arises (with little planning), although some thieves will profile a location up to a month in advance.

An “easy target” is the main focus of most would-be burglars regardless of their level of prep work. In general, however, the risk of burglary depends on your geographical area, with some states and cities having higher-than-average crime rates than others. This article shares how to create deterrents to reduce your chances of being a victim.

Corporate Security

Home? Business? You Need These Security Features
Outside of costs and labor, the security market blends features between home and business offerings. What works for the home is effective for a business, and vice versa. So, consider the following security measures for either location — or especially if you have both.

As noted, burglars look for “easy targets” when profiling potential places to break into. What better way to deter their actions than completely blocking access to the home or business? Fencing is both a long-term investment in privacy and security. Block easy access and prying eyes and you’ll lower your risks.

Fencing options could include:
• Residential chain link fence — low privacy, medium security
Commercial concrete fence — high privacy, high security
• Combination PVC fencing — high privacy, medium security
Of course, blocking access can create a greater temptation for burglars. After all, if a home or business is fenced in and gated then it surely has valuables to protect, right?
This, then, calls for…

Security Systems
Home and business security systems are your next line of defense. While their effectiveness is often determined by your local police response time, security systems ultimately aid in deterring malicious intent by virtue of the obstacle they create. Furthermore, few thieves are willing to stick around for very long if an alarm is blaring throughout the building.

What should the security systems include?
• Motion detection and lighting
• Live video monitoring and DVR
• Power and data backups
• Proper installation and layout
• Quick security company response time
• Physical branding like signage
A bright flood of light, screaming sirens, and visible deterrents like video cameras will quickly send burglars fleeing. More experienced criminals may be brash enough to power through the panic and continue their actions, but at least you’ll have video evidence for police and insurance reports.

What happens if a burglar scales the fence and drives forward despite security systems? They’re at the doors and windows ready to make their move. What now?

There are lots of features you can add at this level:
High-tech security door with panel access
• Thick door builds and unbreakable windows
• Video doorbells and user access features
It’s worth noting these features are worthless if you’re forgetful. This includes leaving windows and doors unlocked during the off-hours. Or, failing to keep entry-points closed and monitored during operations.
Which brings us to…

General Awareness
Did you know most burglars live within a close proximity of the targeted building? Or, that many company burglaries are done by employees? These individuals are hidden in plain sight. Their intimate knowledge of the target and area gives them easy access and escape.

What can you do to deter this?
• Start a community watch with neighbors to report suspicious individuals or activity (this is applicable to business parks, too, by working with business peers to be on the lookout)
• Set user-access profiles to who is allowed in different areas of the business such as senior-only accessibility to safe areas where private documents and valuable items are kept.
• Not displaying your home or business as an easy target by removing easy-to-notice tip-offs like overflowing mailboxes, or open social updates about vacations (revealing an empty location).
• Training others security basics and the value of reporting suspicious activities

This doesn’t mean you need to become overly paranoid about your neighbors or employees, but it doesn’t hurt to keep an eye on local activity. If things seem off and it turns out to be nothing then carry on, but if it does you may have prevented a burglary.

Safety in Numbers, Moving Forward
No one wants to be a victim of burglary but it happens to countless people every day. You can greatly reduce your chances of being one of them by installing features found in this post. And, by working together to add security throughout the neighborhood and business location — together, there is safety in numbers.

On – 30 May, 2018 By Jamie Richardson