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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]The state of Vermont is currently undergoing substantial difficulties in the aftermath of unprecedented and disastrous flooding. This flooding, which Governor Phil Scott called the worst flooding in the state’s history, was triggered by an exceptional amount of rainfall and has resulted in extensive harm and displacement.

The inundation has inflicted dire consequences on the various communities situated across Vermont. At Montpelier, the Winooski River surged to 21 feet, marking it the second-highest water level ever observed. The aftermath of this flood resulted in extensive harm to the town, leading to the Statehouse’s shutdown and evacuation orders for hundreds of denizens. Over two hundred individuals have been saved.

The inundation has also resulted in noteworthy impairment to thoroughfares and spans across the entire state. The estimation provided by the Vermont Department of Transportation indicated that over 100 roads had to be shut down because of excessive water, while numerous bridges were utterly swept away.

The floods have inflicted a severe blow on the residents of Vermont. Numerous individuals have been rendered homeless or lost their business establishments, and the state is grappling with losses of millions of dollars. The magnitude of the destruction in Vermont is still unknown, but it is clear that a major disaster has occurred.


A Wake-Up Call for Climate Change Preparedness

A combination of factors, such as a stalled front and tropical moisture surge, has resulted in heavy rainfall leading to severe flooding in Vermont. 

Moreover, Vermont’s steep terrain caused the water to flow into valleys, intensifying the destruction. The flooding in Vermont highlights the inadequacy of the state’s infrastructure to cope with extreme weather events caused by climate change. The frequency of such events is increasing, putting the area at higher risk of flooding. It is a clear reminder that climate change poses a significant threat to our planet.

Severe weather conditions, such as floods, will likely increase globally if we persist in our current course. These events’ consequences will be catastrophic at the local and international levels. To combat climate change, we must take decisive action through suitable measures.


What You Can Do to Stay Safe

  • For individuals residing in regions susceptible to flooding, several preventive measures can be taken to ensure personal safety.
  • Familiarize yourself with the possibility of floods by consulting online flood maps or contacting your nearby emergency management office. 
  • Establish a contingency strategy that encompasses determining an evacuation destination and mode of transportation in case of emergencies. 
  • Stay updated on weather forecasts and regional news bulletins for the latest developments regarding potential flooding conditions. 
  • In the event of an evacuation alert, adhere to it immediately.


Fast Guard Services: Together, We Will Get Through This! 

Fast Guard Services is dedicated to ensuring people’s safety during emergencies. 

If you require security measures following the flooding in Vermont, please contact Fast Guard Services. We offer services such as safeguarding your property, disaster relief, and security guard services to ensure your safety during this time.

We at Fast Guard Services pledge our support to Vermont following the disastrous and unprecedented flood. Our dedication is towards assisting the people of Vermont in their recovery efforts and helping them reconstruct their lives.

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