Fast Guard

With the film industry in the US being one the largest in the world, filmmakers turn to private security companies for their movie set protection .The overwhelming success of this industry is the reason for the demand for movie set security increases in the USA. The opportunity has led to the mushrooming of many nationwide security firms that offer movie set security.

Fast Guard Service is the leading movie set security service provider in the USA. We offer highly trained and specialized professional guards with years of military experience. We work behind the scenes in the protection of your crew and film site, you can be rest assured that your assets will remain safe with our help. We are world known for our strict compliance with safety regulations, privacy and integrity. We offer non-disclosure and confidentiality agreements ensuring the safety of the production as well as the confidentiality and safety of the sets crew. We train the best movie set security guards Miami has to offer just to provide you with the security you need when you need it.

Fast Guard Service’s movie set security personnel are trained to implement the following:

Crowd control

Sometimes you may get much unwanted attention during the shoot, and our guys will readily step in and control the crowds so you can do whatever you do best, shoot a movie. Other clients need protection during promotional tours, and our guards are up to the task.

Film and television guards

Whether you are a movie producer or TV studio filming shows, we have the right men for the  job. Our highly trained guards know just what is expected of them and will not get in the way and our guaranteed to keep vigilant watch over the entire site to ensure your security and integrity is not compromised.

Close protection personnel

We offer personal guards for the close protection of your cast to make sure they are not harmed before or during the shoot. Protecting your asset from all forms of sabotage is our priority at Fast Guard Service.

Traffic controllers

We help to implement traffic management plans, diverting all foot and vehicle traffic from the site where you are shooting for minimal interruptions. We will help you direct vehicular traffic in and out of the movie set security area where the traffic is narrowed or reduced to avert any mishaps and incidents while the shoot is in progress.

Security drivers and Escorts

We offer these services for your cast and crew to safeguard them against any threat that they may be faced with. We can provide personnel to double as drivers and security to ensure that your cast is escorted to their hotel rooms and back during the entire period as needed.
Film transport integrity

It is imperative that the film you are shooting remains in safe hands. Here at Fast Guard Service, we are committed to ensuring that your film’s integrity is never compromised at any time during the shoot or after the shoot, nor during transport. You can trust Fast Guard Service for all your movie set security needs. Contact us or call us directly for a quote.