Medical marijuana has become a multi-billion dollar industry almost overnight. But just because marijuana is becoming legalized in the United States and half the country is already dispensing marijuana for medicinal purposes doesn’t mean that selling it is suddenly completely safe. The fact is, there are plenty of unseemly characters who still make money off of marijuana legally. There is plenty of money, obviously, in the drug. Money and drugs, even legal ones, often attract unseemly individuals or a criminal element.

That is why medical marijuana dispensary security is extremely important. As more and more states and districts legalize marijuana, more companies and firms are paying the big dollars for medical marijuana dispensary licenses. But buying a license to make a medical marijuana dispensary legal doesn’t also make it safe. In fact, once the doors to a medical marijuana dispensary are open, that is when the real threat sets in.

A security firm with experience protecting medical marijuana dispensaries and facilities will:

  • Protect the dispensary and all employees and customers at all times. Nothing is more important than safety and human life.
  • Monitor all areas of the store with modernized surveillance equipment to protect and guard all areas of the facility. Dark areas, areas with little or no traffic can still be potential problem spots.
  • Protect the marijuana itself, so no one can steal it or destroy it. Marijuana is still a street drug, and there are many who would love to get the stock from a medical marijuana dispensary.
  • Ensure that no employee theft occurs, and that any potential waste is accurately monitored and recorded.
  • Protect and guard the money on the premises, as medical marijuana does a large business. Because of its nature as well there are many cash sales.
  • Mitigate the interest of criminal activity with the presence of qualified, armed guards on the premises. Simply seeing efficient guards that are armed on site will tell most potential criminals to look for a different target.
  • Patrol the facilities and the grounds routinely to identify and eliminate any potential threats and to display an active security presence.

Whenever you are talking about a new industry that does a tremendous business, especially a business that is built around a coveted substance like a drug, legal or not, the likelihood of theft, violence, and other issues are bound to arise, and quickly. Skilled medical marijuana dispensary security can help mitigate the potential for problems. Armed guards on site will protect your property, comfort your employees and your customers, and will dissuade potential miscreants from considering criminal activity.

Fast Guard Service specializes in medical marijuana dispensary security services, and provides armed guards experienced in protecting such facilities. Fast Guard Service recognizes the responsibility and importance of protecting medical marijuana dispensaries and smoke shop and understands the nuances of protecting them.

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