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Hillary and Trump Supporters Have Caused an Unprecedented Need for Armed Security at American Political Rallies and Elections


It is election season once again, it seems the endless campaigning and political rhetoric never ends, but then again that is a part of what makes America great. We are a free society, free to choose whomever we deem best suited to lead our cities, states and country as we see fit. It is the Democratic process that makes the United States the oldest existing form of government, and still the best country on the planet. Yet each and every election season it seems like none of us get along.

There’s infighting and name calling, back stabbing, exaggerations, and constant gamesmanship, and that is just how the political candidates themselves act. The campaigns, parties, voters and party members are far worse than the candidates. This year seems to be a landmark in how low and dirty campaigns can go. There is no doubt whatsoever that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the Democratic and Republican nominees for President of the United States accordingly, have the country more worked up and more divided than ever.

Look at all of the violent outbreaks and protests at rallies already this year. The violence at the Trump rallies in Chicago and California were no exception, this has been one of the most fiercely, hotly contested campaigns and election seasons in modern U.S. History. Armed security and seasoned security guards are paramount to crowd safety at political events and elections this election cycle.

More so than ever before, as the political rhetoric has spawned violence at simple rallies and around debates and party meetings, these elections need to be more secure than ever. Armed skilled security guards, practiced, and election security must be taken advantage of to maintain the peace and make certain that American citizens safely have the ability to claim their right to free speech and their right to vote.

It only takes one enraged idiot to ruin a whole rally, debate or election. Armed security, policing the scene of any rally or political rally, can quell any potential issue before it even occurs. In South Florida, especially the Miami area, make certain everyone has the chance to claim their constitutionally guaranteed rights safely and securely. Contact Fast Guard Service in the Florida region today for your executive protection.

 Fast Guard Service provides armed security specialists in and around Miami, South Florida, Greater Florida and the Pan Handle region. Fast Guard Service offers a highly trained, experienced staff filled with seasoned armed security, election security and event security guards. Fast Guard security services are perfect for making sure any public events, but especially public events like political events that can get heated, run smoothly and safely.

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