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A missing man’s corpse was discovered wrapped in plastic on the property of a local couple, shocking Harris County. The case has taken a frightening turn, with Narciso Banos, 49, accused of murder and Francisca Carrizales, 42, charged with tampering with a human body. The stunning revelations disclosed in court filings paint a dark picture of betrayal, violence, and deadly consequences. The Harris County Sheriff’s Office (HCSO) initially investigated Francisco Romero’s disappearance. Deputies uncovered a shocking finding on the property linked with Banos and Carrizales as the inquiry advanced. The discovery of the missing man’s corpse, wrapped in plastic, sent shockwaves across the neighbourhood. Narciso Banos is now charged with murder, while his accomplice, Francisca Carrizales, is accused of tampering with a human body. According to court records, a gloomy narrative explains the circumstances that led to Romero’s terrible death. Romero allegedly had an affair with Carrizales, which was discovered, resulting in a sequence of horrible deeds. The court filings present a dismal picture of what happened. Banos allegedly took things into his own hands after discovering the affair. He reportedly used a belt and straps to hold Romero, subjecting him to a severe and unrelenting attack. The specifics are chilling: Romero was brutally beaten on his head, face, and torso by Banos, who used his hands, feet, and even blunt weapons like the rear end of a rifle and the handle of a pistol. The shocking details of this case have left the community in shock as they grapple with the dark and terrible nature of the murder. The appalling savagery and the relationship between the accused and the victim have added to the shock and dismay. The Harris County community is waiting for justice for Francisco Romero as the judicial process develops. The allegations against Banos and Carrizales reveal their alleged participation in this heinous crime. The judicial procedures will be an essential step towards uncovering the entire scale of this tragedy and holding those responsible accountable. The discovery of Francisco Romero’s corpse, followed by accusations against Narciso Banos and Francisca Carrizales, has sent shockwaves across Harris County. This sad instance is a clear reminder of the devastation that may occur when emotions lead to violence. As the legal process progresses, the community hopes for a comprehensive investigation to illuminate the circumstances leading to this awful loss of life. Read More About. Private Investigation Company