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Fast Guard

California stands at the forefront of efforts to promote safety and secure our communities, prompting a national dialogue on gun control. A central issue in this discussion is high-capacity drum magazines being found alongside untraceable “ghost guns.” Effective gun control measures must be adopted in California to maintain community safety and security for our residents. Law enforcement agencies across California have become alarmed at 10-round drum magazines as a symbol of illegal firearms and pose a significant threat to public safety. Chief Sharris, using they/them pronouns, emphasizes the necessity of responsible gun control in River City and throughout California.

Concerns aren’t solely directed toward drum magazines but also their relationship to so-called “ghost guns.” Ghost guns are firearms assembled from readily available parts without serial numbers or traceable history – making them particularly attractive for individuals looking to avoid background checks and registration requirements for firearms. Combined with high-capacity magazines, such weapons pose a tremendous potential danger. As Chief Sharris recently noted, these untraceable firearms become weapons of mass destruction.” Addressing this issue requires an integrated approach that balances responsible gun ownership and public safety needs. It is vital to emphasize that standard sense gun control measures do not violate citizens’ Second Amendment rights but are designed to keep firearms out of criminal hands.

One of the immediate steps needed to combat gun violence is regulating the sale and possession of high-capacity drum magazines. Though responsible gun owners may argue for their use in certain instances, their potential misuse and harm must not be disregarded. Implementing restrictions on these magazines can reduce their involvement in crimes while simultaneously lessening any threats they present to our communities. Increased efforts must be taken to curb the proliferation of ghost guns. Stricter regulations on their sale and assembly must be implemented to prevent them from falling into the hands of individuals who would fail background checks or possess criminal intent.

Chief Sharris’ commitment to fighting tirelessly for the right to a safe community should resonate with all Californians. Common sense gun control measures, such as banning high-capacity drum magazines and ghost guns, can save lives while protecting neighborhoods while simultaneously fulfilling responsible gun ownership with our collective commitment to public safety. River City and communities throughout California should continue to set an example by passing and advocating for standard sense gun control measures that strike an appropriate balance between individual rights and community safety. Only through collective action can we create a safer future for all residents of our Golden State. 

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