Fast Guard

GPS tracking is something that has become quite popular as of late. From Facebook’s newly integrated “Nearby friends” feature, it seems like everyone is trying to keep close tabs on as many people they can. But with the popularity of these GPS tracking devices, it is wise to know what you should actually be expecting, and what is within your right to do. That is the grey area that the majority of adults, and teens always seem to forget about.


This first part is going to be for all you parents out there, that don’t trust you teenagers as much as you’d like. If you feel your rambunctious teenager isn’t always where they might say they are, you can get a GPS tracking app that will stay hidden on your teenagers phone, while you can keep track of where they are, at all the times there phone is with them. So in theory, that paranoia teenagers have about the dreaded GPS tracking cell phone, isn’t too far from the truth. Just keep in mind, that once your teen hits the age of 18, you are no longer legally allowed to go this without there permission. But the Facebook feature is still an option that is available to you.


The basis for all these devices GPS tracking chip. Without this piece of technology, none of this would be possible. They make them in all shapes and sizes. The smallest GPS tracking device currently in production, is the Retriever GPS tracker. This is a small, disk shaped GPS tracking device that is just about the size of a quarter. These are small enough, and inconspicuous enough to put on, or in just about anything you can think of. For the woman out there who are afraid of getting there purse snatch13ed while out and about. If you keep one of these in your purse and you will be able to track it down, in case that worse case scenario actually comes to fruition.


This is obviously another great option to keep in a vehicle, in case your vehicle is old enough to not have a GPS security option built into it, right off the factory floor. GPS tracking devices can be purchased at many different places. has quite a few, affordable options for you to choose from. Just keep in mind, that with technology such as this, you do get what you pay for. So be ready for a cheap GPS tracker to maybe not last as long as some of the pricey options out there. But the most important thing to always keep in mind with any of the tracking devices, is to know the laws that pertain to the actions you are taking. What you are doing might seem harmless, but you’d hate to end up in a whole heap of trouble, just because you were unclear of the rules and regulations.