Wild fires, suburban fires and urban fires can do unparalleled damage, destroying hundreds of thousands of acres and entire city blocks in a matter of minutes. It is imperative to catch fires before they get out of hand so that sever damage can be thwarted, lives can be saved and property can be spared from being completely burned down or ravaged by smoke damage. Once a fire gets out of hand, it can all be over in a matter of minutes.

Fire security guards, or fire watch services, can help prevent fires, spot potential hazards, address fires before they get out of hand and get emergency services on the scene as quickly as possible to minimize cost and damage. The fact is, 24/7 fire watch services in places and areas that are susceptible to fire damage are the only solid protection you can have against a potential wonton disaster.

Fire watch guards can help monitor and protect:

  •  Ranches
  • Farms
  • Greeneries
  • Pet Stores
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Retail & Wholesale Stores
  • Golf Courses and Parks
  • Forestry’s


It is important to find an experienced and skilled fire watch service to protect your property and the people on your property. Fire watch guards routinely patrol, keep constant vigil over the area they are protecting, and keep logs and meet other requirements that meet the regulations of local fire marshals and laws. More importantly they protect your valuable property so that it is safe and sound.

Fast guard Service is one of the most respected fire watch security firms in the entire United States. They have clients in Texas, California, New York, areas that are constantly under threat from potential fire damage. Whether the area you need guarded is large or small, it is important to you. Fast Guard Service provides experienced fire watch guards that are constantly trained in the newest fire prevention and protection methods.

Wherever you are located in the U.S., if you need a fire watch service you can count on, contact Fast Guard Service LLC today. They are ready and waiting to help, and explain to you just how their skilled fire watch security guards will monitor and protect your property.

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