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Fast Guard Security Services provides trained professionals who help evacuation sites where there have been outbreaks of fire. Call us at 1-844-254-8273 to find out more and hire the best fire watch security guards today.

Fires do not discriminate, and they show no mercy. They spread like wild and turn anything in their way to ashes. Outbreaks may be due to unsupervised activities or natural disasters, such as the recent occurrences of devastating wildfires in the city of California. Either way, havoc, and chaos tend to get the better of the situation. Fast Guard Security Services is on a mission to provide you with any assistance you may require during these trying times.

Fast Guard Security Services

We are a nationally recognized security company that provides you with trained experts around the clock. We offer general fire watches and property surveillance, along with crowd management. We are a single call away from ensuring the safety of you and your business.

Why You Need Fire Watch Security Guard Services

In case there is a fire outbreak, the electric wiring catches fire the quickest. This may lead to a complete power outage or the malfunction of the sprinklers, smoke detectors, and fire alarm system installed in your building. This poses a huge threat to the safety of your employees, civilians that may be present, your economic resources, and the infrastructure.

Moreover, regular maintenance of your fire detecting system is critical. Whether it’s due to a short circuit or worn-out infrastructure, the repair timing can vary from situation to situation. During this time, your business, company, and the building are the most vulnerable.

Although nothing beats an automated fire alarm system, having round-the-clock guards around as human detectors can prevent potential catastrophes. Fire watch security guards will alert Fast Guard Services and call for backup in case of a malfunctioning system and outbreak of fire. They will ensure the site is evacuated immediately whilst maintaining order throughout the crowd.

Our guards are professionals who have been trained for this very moment. They remain on site until the alarm systems are up and running and thoroughly inspect the location before giving you a green signal.

There is simply no room for error. Negligence in this regard could potentially cost you your entire life’s worth of hard work. Hand over your worries to us by hiring a fire watch security guard from Fast Guard Security Services.


Fire Watch ServiceCaldor Fire: Areas Under Major Threat

It is imperative for you to contact us today and allow us to reach you before the fire does. The following areas are under major threat and are currently being evacuated:

  • El Dorado County
  • Alpine County
  • Amador County

With over 219,267 acres affected altogether and a containment rate of only 71% as of now, this is a crisis. If these areas happen to be where you are situated, act accordingly. Do not hesitate to call Fast Guard Security Services for backup.