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Exciting News! Fast Guard Security Service is now proudly serving Florida with our licensed services (A 1400070 and B1300279). Trust us to keep your house safe or handle any big event, all while operating legally and with permission from the law.

Having a security guard from a registered security service-providing company is very important when you are choosing someone for keeping your house safe or for any big event. Because a licensed company can operate easily and with the permission of the law, otherwise companies that don’t have security licenses often get caught up by the police or into some serious law-breaking position which will not only end your trust in them but also end their career in running a security service agency. 

Or when the security guard you hired for your security tries to do his duty, someone can ask him for proof that he is speaking the truth and the license will work in such a situation. That’s why it’s a proud moment for us to have a security license. Contact fast guard services today and feel secure. 

Fast Guard’s Experience and Expertise

Fast Guard Security Service has been providing security services for many years and we use improved and new techniques that help in protecting our clients in difficult situations. All of our staff is continuously given the training to be prepared for any type of situation and all are highly qualified for giving security services to you. And we are the leading security services giving company in all of the USA. Take a good decision and choose the best for yourself now! 

Reliable Fast Guard Services:

We are offering full-scale security guard services in Florida. And we have different options available for you when you require security for your important events and gatherings. And some types of services are discussed here which you can ask us.

Residential Security: Keep your house safe and secure by hiring Our best, active, and professionally trained bodyguards for your house.

Commercial Security: When meeting up with your clients, it is important that you deal with them in a peaceful environment without any disturbance and we can help you with that by providing you with some of our best men who can deal with such situations without any difficulty. 

Bars Security:  Want security for your clubs and bars? Then hire our finest men best in their services right away!

Armed or Unarmed Security: In any type of situation and problem, armed or unarmed we are here at your service.

Security For Celebrities: We have provided security services to so many celebrities and they are satisfied with our services. You can do the same thing and enhance your security!

Available For You 24 Hours A Day: As we know that all of our clients are waiting for our response and require security services, we are available 24 hours a day so you can reach us anytime you want our help.


How Trusted Security Services is Necessary:

When you hire licensed services of Fast Guard in Florida, we can solve your issues quickly without being stopped by anyone due to having a license by our side. Plus it will give us access to all those things which we cannot do if we were an illegal or unlicensed company. That is why, it is very important for you to always use the services of a licensed company to be saved from the fuss that can be created afterward. 



By taking our services, you can rest assured because all of our staff are CPR/AED/First Aid certified so, in case of any bad situation, they can put themselves on the line for you. Our staff is somehow connected with military or other law enforcement agencies and have different types of certifications and some of them are the following.

  • Certifications of Security Instructing 
  • Certification of Certified Crowd Manager 
  • Law Enforcement Instructor Certification
  • Interview and Interrogations Certification
  • Corrections Certification


Contact Us For Security Services

Now the best thing for you right now is to get in touch with us for a free discussion about our services as we provide special security services to our clients get the best and right one for yourself by visiting us at our office  or calling us at (844) 707-0574 or you can also contact us through our email id [email protected]

Fast Guard in Florida are spreading like wildfire you can get detailed information about our services by contacting us because everything can be compromised but when it is about your safety, do not waste time and get the best in the field for your protection!