Fast Guard

On Friday evening in Newark, a two-story residential building experienced partial collapse following an explosion. Emergency responders from local police and fire department quickly arrived on South Pine Lane around 6 p.m. The explosion reduced two apartments managed by Newark Housing Authority into rubble.

Witnesses described the blast’s force as comparable to that of a bomb blast, shaking all buildings nearby and injuring six individuals, with five taken to hospitals for medical care, one woman experiencing serious burns.

Firefighters worked to assess and search through the remains of the building following its explosive collapse. Due to this incident, 13 individuals could not return home; emergency officials decided to temporarily house them at hotels while assessing their state and planning the next steps for rehabilitation and repair.

Investigators remained active until late at night as they worked to ascertain the source of the explosion and locate its apartment of origin. PSE&G, the gas provider, shut off the gas supply while conducting investigations to ensure no gas leakage occurred; the housing director reported no gas smell complaints during this timeframe.

As investigations continued, efforts were made to clear debris and clean up after the destruction. Mayor Ras Baraka expressed their dedication to staying present throughout the night as they managed the situation long-term at a late-night press briefing.

In the wake of the explosion and partial collapse, authorities are likely to review and reinforce security services in the area to prevent similar incidents and ensure the safety of residents and properties.