Fast Guard

Fast Guard Services offer an extensive range of excellent security services, including our professional Executive Protection Services, especially for our high-profile clients. Our dedicated security teams are highly skilled and quick to deal with safety and security-related concerns for high-profile clients. Our security specialists are highly committed to providing our clients with high-quality security services.

Why do I need Executive Security?

We know that high-profile diplomats, VIPs, high-net-worth individuals, business owners, promoters, corporate professionals/executives, and celebrities or entertainers are under constant serious security threats while interacting with the public and media due to their status and associations. Hence, they require trustworthy, passionate, and highly efficient security services and seasoned security teams that can be trusted to protect high-profile clients from all reputational, financial, and physical harm.   

Fast Guard’s executive protection teams and guards are fully equipped and exceedingly trained to serve you right and cater to all security needs of our clients, especially our VIP Bodyguard security teams. Contact us now!

Fast Guard’s executive protection services also ensure that we serve you the best and the most cost-effective professional emergency security services offered by our specialized and armed emergency bodyguards for VIPs. 

We offer our best Executive Protection services 24/7 to secure you and your entourage. Our executive protection services and VIP Bodyguard Security services include the following facilities for our valued clients: 

  • Travel protection for diplomats, corporative executives, lawyers, and celebrities
  • Escorts
  • Close personal protection and guarding
  • Protective movements and professionally armed escorts
  • Event venue and route clearance
  • Armed vehicle transportation 
  • VIP protection of celebrity and corporate individuals
  • Counterattack, Advanced Security, and counter surveillance teams  
  • High-threat protection for notables

HIRE VIP Bodyguards

Our teams of bodyguards know how to cope with all sorts of dangers and save our clients from potential criminal activities and incidents. Hire us now to offer you our protection through our intelligence and unique operations. 

When should you hire our Bodyguards for your executive protection?

  • When you are running a high-risk event and require armed protection
  • When you are facing security concerns and threats.
  • If you do not have any bodyguards system in place for your Security
  • To minimize liability
  • When you need an active security and protection team to devise a quick security action plan
  • If you are organizing an event and are prioritizing the safety of the attendees
  • If you need to formulate a solid defense plan for our VIPs and high-profile individuals
  • Hire us for insurance purposes.

Fast Guard’s Executive protection services have got you covered for all complex security issues, complete supervision, and task management. Our armed bodyguards and security team of experts know each corner of the territory they cover. Our staff is also highly equipped with all the back office trained specialists who provide all sorts of technical and logistical support for our clients’ Security. 

Get in touch with Fast Guard now; we are available to your rescue anytime so that business owners and executives can feel safe and comfortable.

For further information call us to talk to our customer support!