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We Protect Your Event From Terrorists and Other Threats

From events as large as electronic music festivals, down to the level of small rock concerts, event security in orlando can present a broad range of unanswered questions for any event promoter. Fast Guard Service’s Event Security orlando is ready to protect your concert, festival or other large gathering from threats.

If you plan on promoting an event, concert, gala, or trade show in orlando then Fast Guard Service offers you the best event security that can be found in Texas. The guards on staff at Fast Guard Service are trained for quick identification, quick response, hazard detection, and terrorist attack prevention.

Best Event Security Officers in Orlando

Fast Guard Service provides event security guards in Orlando and all across the USA. We provide skilled orlando security officers that can be dispatched in under two hours. Security Guards can be deployed 24/7 or as needed. Fast Guard Services provides event security solutions for:

Business owners

Night Clubs

Private property



EDM Festivals

Why You Should Prefer to Hire Our Orlando Event Security

We are well aware of all type of dangers, so we are the best over other orlando event security companies. So, here are the reasons why you should opt us for your protection.  

There’s No Room For Error

In today’s climate, where so many events and social gatherings are looked upon as potential targets by terrorists, there is no room for error, you need to hire a well staffed event security company. More than ever, these unique challenges require the experience and knowledge of a professional event security company.

Fast Guard Service has event security guards ready in all of Texas as well as nationwide.

Preparation is Key

When dealing with event security, preparation is the key. Coordinating with event promoters for situations such as crowd control, active shooter, aerial assaults and other forms of attacks is vital for the success of any event. What is done beforehand largely determines the success of the event. Understanding the venue, location, traffic and road conditions, normal weather, and even the terrain all play a part in the successful preparation of an event.


With us you get a full event management strategy including

Emergency Services: Establishing open lines of communication with local fire, police, and emergency medical services is another critical aspect of planning. Any or all of these agencies may play important roles in the event of an emergency situation. Ensuring that security personnel understands whom to call, and have all the appropriate information in advance, can be the difference between an escalating situation, and one they would handle effectively and efficiently.

Crowd Management: When it comes to the group itself, obviously knowing the type of horde you’re dealing. Even though it’s unlikely that you’ll have background information on any particular individual, there are still situational aspects that you should be aware. For example, handling patrons at a music festival is going to present different types of challenges compared to street partygoers, or convention attendees. Correctly identifying and assessing these potential problems beforehand will play a crucial role in successful crowd management.

Access Control: Once on site, a primary duty of security personnel is going to be access control. A strategy for effective access control is one of the most important preventative steps a security provider can take. What are the proper credentials for entering and exiting a secured area within the event? A crucial feature of making an gathering “uneventful” from a security standpoint will be controlling who gets in and out, and how they would account them.

Surveillance Equipment: In addition to having highly trained and skilled personnel, having the proper equipment for event safety is another important aspect. Equipment such as CATV cameras can be extremely treasured in both monitoring cases of theft, as well as documenting incidents to determine the party at fault. If this type of equipment is useful, it’s important to work with a firm that can properly install, test, and position it for maximum effectiveness.

Aerial Security Drones: We have the ability to utilize advanced drone technology to capture every second of your event and to ensure no part of your event goes unnoticed.

Fast Guard Service is the Best in Event Security in all over Orlando:

Fast Guard Service is the leading event security company in the USA. When it comes to special events, we like to feel that we’re the authority. Don’t let your event go the way of tragedy just because you failed to plan properly. With years of experience and knowledge, our staff of event security consultants are capable of creating and executing an effective security strategy for any event you may be hosting. Our preparation and performance are second to none, because we have law enforcement experts licensed to certify training in all of the key areas of event security that comprise our management team.

Music Concerts

EDM Festivals

Speaking Engagements

Trade Shows

Jewelry Shows

Movie Sets

Don’t take chances! Relax knowing that you called Fast Guard and your event security is in the hands of professionals

Whatever your need, whatever type of property you possess or manage, and whatever type of security guard services you need, Fast Guard Services can help.

Contact Fast Guard Service orlando today for a consultation and quote. Our event security services are effective, affordable and comprehensive. Don’t wait until it’s too late, contact Fast Guard Service today and have all your event security needs handled quickly and effectively.

What is the Role of Event Security?

Event security professionals play an essential role in ensuring the safe and smooth running of events, with tasks including crowd management, threat detection and emergency response being among their responsibilities. By keeping order and being vigilant at events they help safeguard attendees, property and the reputation of events; while their presence allows participants to focus solely on enjoying themselves without worries of potential risks or disruptions to the experience.

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Exceptional service! Fast Guard Service ensured our event's safety seamlessly.
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