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Unfortunately we live in frightening modern times, with headlines that are dominated by potential terrorist threats and terrorist activities. Sadly, terrorists target the weaker segments of society, including children, and they especially target places where people are gathered. If people are gathered in numbers and have their guard down, that is an even bigger target. That is why terrorist threats are such a scary part of any modern events.

In fact, event security is on rise because of terrorist threats. Terrorists attack events at nightclubs, concert halls, anywhere they can find people gathered, looking to have a good time, not concerned about safety. As disgusting as it is, that is exactly what terrorists look for in fact, unsuspecting people gathered in large numbers. The more they can terrify and harm people, the more they accomplish their nauseating goals.

That is why event security, especially the use of armed, trained guards, is an imperative part of event planning in the modern world. As sad as it is, safety must come first, so event security must be a priority for anyone planning or organizing events of any size.

Here are a few recent examples of events of various sizes from all over, where better event security certainly could have helped.

• The Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, UK: This one is so recent it still stings to simply mention it. There are still wounded recovering. On May 22nd, 2017 in Manchester, at what was largely a concert populated by kids, tweens and teens, Ariana Grand’s performance was attacked by a self-proclaimed Muslim terrorist. The terrorist used homemade bombs to seriously injure many and 23 people, many children, were senselessly murdered. Obviously a beefier presence of armed guard, especially in front of the arena, could have helped to perhaps provide a much better outcome.

• The Eagles of Death Metal Concert in Paris, France. This disgusting terrorist attack in Paris at a heavy metal concert was the beginning of a larger, coordinated attack that spread across the area, killing over 100 innocent people. These November, 2015 attacks started at the Bataclan, a popular music venue, where victims were shot and even taken hostage until armed policeman were able to gain control. Again a stronger presence of highly skilled, well-trained armed guards on the scene could have certainly helped end the situation, or maybe even could have prevented it.

• Damageplan (Members of Pantera) in Columbus, Ohio: Tragedy struck when legendary guitarist Dimebag Darrel, a founder of Pantera, was shot and killed onstage. On December 8th, 2004 a deranged fan with a gun stormed the stage at the Columbus nightclub where Damageplan had just started playing. After the shooting subsided, 4 people were dead and others seriously injured. It took an armed police officer to shot and kill the attacker, Nathan Gale. Had an armed security guard been there and positioned lives could have been spared and the attacker subdued much more quickly.

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