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The largest trade shows and expos in the US include those for tech, entertainment, and hospitality. Some of these shows boast attendance rates of 175,000 or more and hundreds of vendors. With crowds, this large, adequate security is an absolute must. Check out these 5 security must-haves to guarantee a good time:

Minimize liability for vendors with event security for trade shows and expos

Vendors travel far and wide to attend trade shows and expos. For many, expos are their primary method of attracting new clients, potentially resulting in valuable contracts and partnerships. The liability associated with presenting at trade shows can be high, as vendors usually bring a variety of products for demos, increasing the risk of theft and property damage. Trained security professionals, both armed and unarmed, can help to minimize risk by surveying the premises for suspicious activity, intervening in criminal activity, and communicating with local law enforcement in a timely manner.

Ensure the safety of attendees at Trade Shows and Expos

In any large venue, the safety of attendees is of the utmost importance. Risks such as fire and the need for medical attention are enhanced in large crowds and become increasingly difficult to deal with should the situation arise. Security guards are trained to survey the site for warning signs and serve as the first responders until a medical backup and law enforcement arrive.

Monitor entries and exits at trade shows and expos

Large trade shows may charge attendees as much as $3,000 per ticket. Therefore, the impact of even a few unaccounted-for guests amounts to thousands of dollars. Monitoring the influx of attendees with trained security personnel can ensure that only authorized, paying guests are allowed to enter. This will both maximize loss prevention and enhance overall safety.

Supplement venue staff and security

Although most venues employ their own staff and security to work events, their training is often unverified. This means that in the event of an emergency, venue staff may not be equipped to handle large crowds and act accordingly. The addition of outside security personnel that can work alongside venue staff will only improve security measures and guarantee a smooth operation. Should something go wrong, the investment will prove worthy ten times over.

Event Security provides establish emergency evacuation protocol

For large crowds, a detailed protocol is necessary for the event that an emergency occurs and evacuation is necessary. Even if venues employ their own staff, they are not often equipped to direct large crowds with confidence toward appropriate exits. More importantly, it takes extensive training to serve as a first responder while maintaining safety, security, and order during emergencies. Hiring professional event security can be the difference between a safe evacuation and the lives lost.

For large events, the necessity of adequate security measures is of paramount importance. When in doubt, opt for the safest option and enlist the help of a trusted security group like Fast Guard Security Service.