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Fast Guard


#1 High-Risk Employee Termination Services

Everyday companies deal with the task of terminating employees because of poor performance or subordination. With the increased access to firearms and active shooter situations, it’s vital that you have an employee termination checklist that includes security precautions. We here at Fast Guard Service help you terminate your employee without incident. As the needs for employee termination services assistance continues to grow in the US, it is paramount that companies & managers contract a termination team with the necessary expertise to control employee and workplace violence.

Call us today for a free consultation on all of your employee termination protection services in the USA.

High Risk Employee Escorting

Employee Investigations

Active Shooter Training and Response

Employee Termination Checklist

How Fast Guard Can Help You/

Workplace violence and active shooter scenarios are serious issues that cannot ignored. Employee moral and productivity can be directly influenced by the acts of one disgruntled employee. As employers try and maintain a safe environment there is always a chance of retaliation from a recently fired or terminated employee. One of the main areas where our trained guards shine is in providing employee termination security services.

With Fast Guard Service you don’t have to let a disgruntled employee destroy your store or disrupt the performance of your current workforce. By hiring Fast Guard, you can prevent workplace violence and active shooter situations. Our highly trained team can help protect your employees and business.

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John Doe
John Doe
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Fast Guard Service exceeded my expectations with their prompt and professional security solutions.
Emily Harper
Emily Harper
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Impressed by the vigilant and courteous security personnel provided by Fast Guard Service.
Benjamin Tyler
Benjamin Tyler
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Exceptional service! Fast Guard Service ensured our event's safety seamlessly.
Ava Grace
Ava Grace
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Reliable and efficient, Fast Guard Service is our top choice for comprehensive security.
Ethan Christopher
Ethan Christopher
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Fast Guard Service delivers on their promise of swift and effective security measures.
Lucas Michael
Lucas Michael
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Choosing Fast Guard Service was a wise decision for our business; their commitment to safety is unmatched.

Terminating an employee is, of course, a difficult task for any company. Employees are terminated for various reasons such as poor work performance, company downsizing, or a violation of the company policy. 

Regardless of the reason, it is also a challenging time for the employee being terminated. Employees that have been terminated go through severe mental turmoil, emotions, and anguish. 

Therefore, it is not an uncommon sight for the employee to display emotions of anger and disapproval. Due to this reason, the hiring companies should be aware of the possibility of retaliation from the newly terminated employee. 

Although inevitably, one can never be sure how an employee will react after finding out about their termination, companies can put tactics that can help minimize the adverse effects.

The adverse effects are not limited to defamation on social media, physical violence, and mental violence.

Due to the increasingly high-level risk of incidents occurring through employee termination, Fast Guard Service is here to help you!

Professional Services

Here at Fast Guard Service, we have highly trained and professional security guards for High-Risk Employee Termination. 

We understand that companies prefer to have their decorum maintained, regardless of how High-Risk the situation is; thus, Fast Guard provides a security service that helps one maintain that. 

With the security service Fast Guard provides, we smoothly deal with high-risk situations. Our guards disguise themselves not to distress the high-risk employee if need be. 

Furthermore, our trained professionals can escort the individual from the premises while conducting a thorough investigation of the situation.

Moreover, we are affiliated with local, state, and federal agencies to aid us in any investigations deemed necessary during a high-risk level situation. 

Although we are highly experienced in High-Risk Security Services, there are multitudes of other security services we offer, such as Personal Security, Event Security, CCTV Installation, GPA Tracking, Child Custody, Fire Watcher Security, and many more.

Preventive Measures for Employment Termination

No two employees handle a termination similarly; thus, companies need to implement measures that companies can apply to the general population. 

Companies need to work with the Four W’s method. The four W’s refer to Who, What, Where, and When. 

In this method, ‘Who’ refers to the person making the company policy – the HR Executives – thus, they should be the only ones present with the employee during the termination process.

‘What’ refers to the access terminated employees have to the company, such as to the company’s property or data.

Further along, ‘Where’ refers to where the termination is provided. According to security, the best place to give termination is on the first floor level of the company building, as the exits are nearby in case of an active shooter scenario.

Lastly, ‘When’ refers to the time of the termination. According to security personnel, the best time to hand over the termination letter is early in the week, thus not allowing the employee to harbor any grudge and plan revenge over the weekend. 

For further information, companies can call us 24/7, 7 days a week at 1-844-254-8273 to get a free quote or email us at [email protected].