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As an employer, it is your duty to perform searches for criminal records for all your potential employees. This helps to protect the company from any false information that the employee might have put on his/her application. It is a little know fact that a quick look into the Florida criminal public records reveals discrepancies on at least 40% of applications. This is an astonishing number. Due to the availability of free criminal records Florida and many other states provide, business employers and families who are looking to hire a babysitter, are encouraged to search through the public criminal records. Florida has a website where you can submit to search these records. The website is


What are some of the advantages to performing criminal background checks? Well, the fact that you can access many of the Florida criminal records free, is a huge advantage in and of itself. But on a company level, it will help increase the quality of your new hires. That is what we all want, for our employees to be the best they can possibly be. Since more and more companies are conducting their due diligence, applicants who are trying to hide something from you are often more discouraged to apply.


If you happen to run a house cleaning service, or perhaps the aforementioned babysitting service, it is your obligation to employ honest, and trustworthy employees. People are entrusting you with the safety of their families and homes. A simple Florida criminal records search can save you a lot of time and hassle later on down the road. Because it would be nothing short of a tragedy if you were held liable for something that could have easily been prevented.


Another great advantage to the Florida criminal records is that it could lower your employee turn around. We’ve all hired employees, or worked with someone that, on paper, look qualified, appear to be a perfect fit, only to find out that they are dishonest and potentially dangerous. Not to mention it is highly costly to continually turn around employees. Especially if you are having to pay for training on every one you hire. So keep the books in the black, by hiring the proper applicant right of the gate.


Granted, a criminal background check might not be able to tell you everything about a person. It is possible that if did a simple Google search for “criminal records Florida” you might come up with something on a person that happened years ago, that might have happened when they were a rough and tumble “kid”. They probably have grown up quite a bit since then. But what you are going to want to focus your attention on is the history in the last 5-7 years. This will display a pattern of behavior the individual currently has. And that is what truly needs to be taken into account. If you feel that your business is at risk and in need of protection from former employees security services in Florida or else, or even in need of a high risk contract termination, contact us and we’ll find the best solution for you.