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Sadly it doesn’t take much effort to find great concerts, celebrated special events that quickly turn to tragedy. A simple look at the recent tragedy in Manchester, what happened to Pantera guitarist Dimebag Darrel, or the violence that occurred at the second Woodstock are enough to scare anyone, and for good reason. Concerts attract large crowds, and often crowds that are looking to let everything hand loose and have a good time.

For obvious reasons, this can pose many risks and problems, for event organizers, staff, talent and the crowds that attend. That is why, in today’s world, skilled, experienced concert security is simply a must have for any size concert. There are too many threats and too many reasons for concern to ignore the need for concert security. Concert security can’t prevent problems, but they can address and contain issues and keep them from getting worse or becoming complete tragedies for many in attendance. Concert security staff, in 2017 and beyond, can help address serious issues such as:

• Terrorists: This is unfortunately the bane of modern existence, and as the recent Ariana Grande Concert is gut wrenching evidence of, concerts are prime targets for potential terrorist attacks. Concert security can help prepare for, identify and prevent any threat, even the threat of terrorist attacks.
• Crowd Control: Crowds at concerts can quickly get out of hand. Like it or not alcohol and drugs, even where illegal, are often imbibed by concert attendees, and that and the natural exuberance and proximity of the crowd can lead to violence, which can quickly become a big problem with a large crowd.
• Talent and Staff Protection: Unfortunately people who work at the concert are also at risk, even though they are just doing their jobs. This can especially be true for the performers and their staffs, who need to be protected from overzealous fans and crowds who can harm them though they may mean no harm.
• Violence Prevention and Diffusion: Once an issue breaks out at a concert it has to be addressed quickly before the violence spreads through the crowd and gets out of hand. On site concert security can help prevent and address violence to contain and eliminate it as quickly as possible.
• Total Surveillance: No one can be everywhere at once, but with modern technology a skilled concert security detail can monitor an entire venue from a control center. They can even keep a constant eye on those dangerous low traffic spots.
• Emergency Response Coordination: Concert security details will have an emergency response system in place and will be on standby at all times, ready to instantly address any crisis that arises.
• Venue Protection: Vandalism, accidents, violence and negligence can do a tremendous amount of property damage at concert venues if unchecked. Concert security can protect the venue as well as the people attending the concert.

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