Fast Guard

Not all security guards are armed, but a serious security guard who has decided that they intend to have a long and prosperous career in the field of security understands that the most intense, interesting and highest paying jobs require armed security guards armed security guards are utilized in many ways to guard extremely valuable goods, property, retail and private property, and people

Great armed security guards are in high demand, because there are not enough skilled, trained, experience professionals to cover all of the security details that are available. Especially in Miami and South Florida, with areas like South Beach and the not too distant Keys, the area is known as the playground of the rich and famous. Many wealthy people reside in the area and even more vacation or conduct business in and around Miami and South Florida.

Think about it, no one with hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars of property are going to entrust that property to a security guard who isn’t armed and trained, highly skilled with weapons and other means of protection. Armed security guards are hired for a number of interesting jobs, including protecting:


  • VIP’s & Executives
  • Retail Properties
  • Private Estates
  • Cash, Precious Metals and other Valuables
  • Armed Transports
  • Nightclubs
  • Special Events
  • Hotels & Motels
  • Condos and High End Apartment Complexes
  • Business and Industrial Complexes
  • Movie Sets

 While Miami, South Beach and the general area has a huge need for skilled armed guards, there are not enough good armed guards to fill that need. In Miami, however, you must have a Class G License to become an armed guard and to carry a firearm. This means you must be heavily trained and pass a test to get the Class G Security License.

The only way to pass the test to get the Class G Security License and embark on a thrilling career as an armed security guard in and around Miami is to take a Class G Security class. The better the class you attend and the school teaching it, the better the likelihood of you passing the test. Fast Guard Service LLC is the number one security firm in the US, and their headquartered in Miami, making them the best security firm in Florida. They offer excellent Class G Armed Security Guard training and classes, and also staff some of the best armed security guard jobs available in and around Miami and South Florida and throughout the Continental United States.