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All schools would have security cameras by 2024 under a new City Council proposal.

The council is asking City Hall for $100 million to install cameras next year in some of the 500-plus schools that do not have video surveillance.

Councilman Paul Vallone (D-Queens), who lobbied Speaker Corey Johnson’s office to include the ask in the council’s fiscal year 2019 budget request sent to Mayor de Blasio’s office earlier this month, said the cameras go hand-in-hand with his proposal to lock all school entrances.

“How can we even talk about locking the doors if we don’t have the ability to give teachers and principals a safer school?” Vallone said.

Currently, only 710 buildings housing 1,123 of 1,700 schools have cameras.

Vallone said the new cameras would allow school officials to monitor activity outside the building — the first step in implementing a buzzer-entry system in which school security officers could vet visitors before they’re allowed in, he said.

“We are so far behind where we need to be on having this safety conversation,” Vallone told The Post. “It’s very frustrating.”


On – 21 Apr, 2018 By Sara Dorn