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Every year it seems to get worse and worse, the violence that surrounds Black Friday and the mayhem that has become the number one shopping day in America. We see it year after year, trampling at Wal-Mart over the new Xbox, lines and aggravated customers getting in scuffles over the latest toy for their kid that they have waited in line hours of even days for. Black Friday has become an ugly day, filled with masses of overwhelming people and flashes of violent outbursts at malls, plazas and stores.

As scary as it sounds, even though it ‘Tis the season to be jolly,’ there have been 7 deaths and 98 injuries attributed to Black Friday shopping events since 2006. There are even Black Friday death and injury counters that are easy enough to find on the Internet. But if you own or run a store, or manage a mall or a plaza, Black Friday shopping and the potential injuries and law suits that come with it are no cheerful or laughing matter at all.

That is why so many retails employ extra expert outside security for Black Friday and the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas that marks the sometimes brutal holiday shopping season. Protecting customers, controlling massive unwieldy crowds, and even protecting your storefront from crazed customers fighting for the last available Cabbage Patch Doll is a serious issue in today’s world, and it cannot be taken lightly.

If you have or run a store, shop, mall, or retail space in or around the Orlando or Miami Florida areas, Fast Guard Service can help you control the mayhem on Black Friday and beyond, throughout the entire holiday shopping season. Fast Guard Service offer premiere retail and wholesale from security, with the very best armed, trained security guards that can be found in the Orlando and Miami areas.

Fast Guard Service, a Florida based security company, spares no expense when it comes to training their skilled Orlando armed security guards in all the latest, safest crowd control methods. Their security forces are available for short term deployment or for long term crowd control, based on your needs. But come this Black Friday, when you most need crowd control that is effective, make no mistake that Fast Guard Service can help your business with all its security needs.

This Holiday season make sure that the crowds that visit your store or stores are safe from other customers, and that your property is also safe from crazed crowds. Don’t gamble with your property or with the safety of your customers. Protect your stores, your goods and your hard earned customers on Black Friday and throughout the holiday shopping season with Fast Guard Service.

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